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Have You Ever Experienced a Cultural Forum in Makkah?

The Makkah Cultural Forum, “Makkah Days for Programming and Artificial Intelligence,” began yesterday, which Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, has agreed to establish next February.

The secretariat of the forum explained that it will enable the teams to participate in the presented technical challenges. They aimed to find digital solutions that enhance the digital transformation system in the region and its governorates by interacting with the theme of this year’s forum, which is entitled “How to be an example in the digital world.”

The forum will provide an opportunity for male and female university students in the governmental and private regions to register in preparation for participation in the Makkah Days of Programming and Artificial Intelligence. Many groups of local and international scientists in the digital field, and the secretariat will participate.

The participation of university students will focus on developing applications and programs that support digital transformation in the fields of Hajj Umrah, tourism, entertainment and services.

 The Makkah Days for Programming and Artificial Intelligence will be preceded by a gathering for the participating teams, during which obstacles will be presented and digital solutions will be developed for them.

The secretariat indicated that during the past months, the forum witnessed wide participation from government and private agencies and individuals. This resulted in the adoption and development of smart phone applications and digital electronic platforms.

The forum will enhance the use of technology in the region, in addition to creating digital role models adopted by leading companies in the technical field to develop the capabilities of the people of the region and develop their ideas.

A program was launched to implement research and innovations in the digital field serving the region, while the forum worked to attract local and international scholars in the digital field and to organize dialogues and training courses that focused on developing the people of the region in digital fields.

According to the secretariat of the forum, for this year they focused on the use of smart systems to transform Makkah into a pioneering digital system in line with the required standards.

The forum serves individuals and various sectors, the initiatives also will take into account the best methods for harnessing computer programs in the application and transfer of ideas into reality that can be used in various fields.

The secretariat noted that, the Makkah digital portal for research and innovation has been launched, as a continuation of the steps of digital transformation and expanding the circle of participation of the people of the region.

The digital portal contributes to granting researchers from various sectors of Makkah the opportunity to obtain qualitative support in the field of applied scientific research that has an effective impact. It can contribute to reach the innovative technical solutions to the region’s challenges

The portal supervised by King Abdulaziz University is considered a nucleus for providing technical solutions of quality, distinction and sustainability by employing smart systems, digital algorithms, analyzing big data, and using the techniques of the fourth industrial revolution.

 It provides research on national belonging and digitization, artificial intelligence and digitization in the field of Hajj and Umrah services, as well as the development of digital systems in the field of cybersecurity, e-learning, distance education, and advanced digital systems in the field of preserving the environment.

 It is worth mentioning that the forum in its current session works to enhance the utilization of recent developments in communication and information technology.

 It also builds positive communication and enriching content in digital media, supporting the use of intelligence and cyber security for applications that enhance Smart Makkah, in addition to automating work in government agencies in the region.

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