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Google Cloud to Enhance Saudi Economy Between 2024-2030

Google Cloud Enhances Saudi Economy between 2024, 2030
Google Cloud in Saudi Arabia

Google Cloud region is expected to contribute a staggering $109 billion to the Saudi economy between 2024 and 2030.

Additionally, this initiative is projected to create approximately 148,600 jobs by 2030.

These figures highlight the substantial economic and employment benefits that the new cloud region will bring to the Kingdom​​​​​​.

Support for Digital Transformation

Google Cloud’s new region aims to support digital transformation and innovation in various sectors.

This includes fostering advancements in artificial intelligence applications and diverse business models in both public and private sectors.

The focus is on driving digital entrepreneurship and accelerating AI-based innovation across different sectors, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals.

Empowering SMEs, Startups

The Dammam cloud region will provide high-performance Google Cloud Platform services to a wide range of clients, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups.

This will help these businesses achieve growth objectives and raise productivity, with SMEs expected to contribute significantly to the Saudi gross domestic product by 2030.

To further support emerging businesses, Google Cloud will launch the “Google for Startups Cloud Program” in 2024.

Strategic Move by Google Cloud

The company’s expansion into Saudi Arabia significantly underscores the country’s emerging status as a hub for technology and innovation.

Contribution to Saudi Vision 2030

Alignment with National Goals: The integration of Google Cloud services aligns closely with the strategic objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, thereby supporting national development priorities.

Economic, Technological Benefits: Furthermore, these services attract new investments in technology, and create numerous job opportunities.

Development in Cloud Computing: Consequently, this integration will enhance technical skills in cloud computing, increase the presence of cloud service providers, and elevate the number of experts in this field in Saudi Arabia.

Implications, Future Outlook

The launching could significantly impact the technological infrastructure of the country, making it more attractive for tech companies and investors.

For Google Cloud: It represents an expansion into a new region that makes Google Cloud to face unique challenges and grab opportunities as it strives to adapt to local market needs.

Global Perspective: This move is part of a larger trend of tech giants expanding their cloud services globally, indicating a shift towards cloud-based solutions in various sectors.

In conclusion, the launching of Google Cloud in Saudi Arabia represents a significant milestone in the country’s journey in technology.

It aligns with the broader objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 and promises to transform the digital landscape of the region.

The move does not only signal the growing importance of cloud computing globally but also the strategic importance of the Middle East in technology sector.

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