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Gold prices in Saudi Arabia are rising significantly

Gold prices in Saudi Arabia are rising significantly

Economic data, which is reflected in the price of gold as a safe haven, caused gold prices in Saudi Arabia to rise by $5 today, Monday, May 30, 2022, from yesterday’s values. 

Gold prices this morning, May 30, 2022 in Saudi Arabia 

In Saudi Arabia, the price of a gramme of 24 carat gold increased in morning trading, reaching 224.13 riyals ($59.77). 

The cost of a gramme of 22 carat gold is 205.45 riyals (US$54.79). 

A gramme of 21 carat gold cost 196.12 riyals ($52.30) at the time. 

In early morning trading, a gramme of 18 carat gold cost 168.10 riyals, or 44.83 USD. 

Economic gold prices, ounces, and the gold pound this morning in Saudi Arabia 

the price of a gram of economic gold 14 karat rose, 130.74 riyals, 34.86 dollars. 

the price of an ounce of gold was sold, today in the markets without workmanship, 6.971.25 riyals, $1,859.00. 

The buying price of an ounce of gold was 6.975.00 riyals, or 1.860.00 USD. 

In the first morning trading on the Stock Exchange, the price of the gold pound, 8 pounds, 21 karat, was 1.568.92 riyals, or 418.38 dollars. 

A pound of gold, graded 8 c, 22 carat, increased in value by 1.643.63 riyals, or 438.30 USD. 

A 24 carat 8g gold pound sold for 1,793.05 riyals (478.15 USD). 

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