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Gaza: Saudi Arabia Exerts Effort to End Escalation

During the weekly meeting of the Saudi Council of Ministers on Tuesday, presided over by the King and against the backdrop of unfolding events in Gaza, the council said that it is exerting more effort, in cooperation with all the international and regional parties, to stop the escalation of events in Gaza and prevent its spread in the region.

Saudi Arabia will continue “supporting the Palestinian people to get their legitimate rights, achieve their hopes and aspirations and achieve just, everlasting peace,” added the cabinet in a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency.

What Is Happening in Gaza and Israel?

Hamas militants hang glided into Israel and started attacking Israelis, killing them and holding captives. The Israeli death toll rose to 1200. Going tit for tat, Israel has been bombing Gaza, leaving 974 killed and 5000 injured.

The Topics of The Session

At the outset of the session, the council reviewed the talks between the Saudi King, crown prince and leaders of other countries over the past few days. The talks covered relations between both parties and ways to enhance those relations in various fields.

The council further reviewed phone calls between the Saudi Crown Prince, Palestinian President, Jordanian King and Egyptian President.

During the calls, the leaders stressed that Saudi Arabia will exert efforts to stop the escalation in Gaza and will keep backing the Palestinian people till they secure their legitimate rights.

Being keen on further enhancing bridges of communication with countries in the region as well as the world’s countries and supporting mutual coordination for the sake of flourishment and growth, KSA participated in a number of regional and international meetings.

The cabinet reviewed the outcomes of these meetings, said Minister of Media Salman bin Yousuf Al-Dosari in his statement to the Saudi Press Agency.

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