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Gantz Calls for Early Elections in September

Member of the Israeli government, Benny Gantz, called on Wednesday, for holding general elections in September, as the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces pressures from both domestic and international fronts due to the war in Gaza.

“Elections coming up to a year since the war began would allow Israelis to know that trust can be rebuilt and a rift in Israeli society avoided,” Gantz said adding he hoped there would be agreement on the need to hold the ballot and called for a emergency unity government to be established in their wake.

Netanyahu is facing escalating internal protests demanding early elections. He has also faced severe criticism at the international level, and there have been repeated calls from American and European officials to reconsider arms sales to Israel after a huge number of civilian deaths in the Strip.

The opposition in Israel accuses Netanyahu of following policies that serve his personal political goals, especially his continued rule, and failing to achieve the goals of the war, especially eliminating Hamas and returning prisoners from Gaza.

In his speech to the demonstrators, Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid said, “All that matters to Netanyahu is to remain in office.”

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