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Israeli Ministers Considers Nuking Gaza Option

When asked whether it was necessary to drop a nuclear bomb on Gaza or not, Israeli Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu said that this “is one of the possibilities”, according to Israel Today.

Eliyahu: Terrorist Words Dispenser

“Civilians are not different from Hamas. They have to shiver and lower their eyes when they see an Israeli soldier,” said Eliyahu in an interview with Radio Kol Berama.
The far-right minister added that “there is nothing called non-combatants in Gaza. Everyone who raised these monsters should be held accountable”.

He voiced his objection to allowing humanitarian aid in Gaza and called for expelling them outside Gaza.
“We need to get them out of Gaza Strip. They can go to Ireland or the deserts,” said the minister.

Eliyahu close-to-madness words evoke backlash


Hamas, a militant group in Gaza, issued a statement affirming that Eliyahu’s remarks mirror the Israeli government’s terrorism against them.
The Islamic Jihad Movement denounced the Israeli minister’s statement, pointing out that Israel is doing what the minister said gradually and that there is proof of how severe the crime is.

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor pointed out in an official statement that Israeli air strikes since October 7 are equivalent to two nuclear bombs.

Eliyahu words were startling enough to evoke a backlash even from his own people.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to Twitter to cancel out Eliyahu incomprehensible words writing that “the Israeli Defence Forces(IDF) are operating in accordance with highest Standards International Law to avoid harming the innocent and we will continue to do so until our victory”.

The PM suspended Eliyahu until further notice.

“we ask the Prime Minister to take immediate action against any minister who wants to hurt the missing and the kidnapped,” said the hostages’ families describing the far-right minister’s words as a “shocking statement”.

“The minister who calls for killing the kidnapped and the missing should pay the price today,” added the families in their statement.

“A shocking and crazy statement from an irresponsible minister. He offended the hostages’ families and hurt the Israeli society and our international position” commented the opposition leader Yair Lapid.

Eliyahu backs down

In response to the backlash, Eliyahu claimed that his words were just a metaphor.


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