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FII witnesses the participation of 6000 attendees

FII witnesses the participation of 6000 attendees
FII witnesses the participation of 6000 attendees

The activities of the sixth edition of the “Future Investment Initiative Conference” (FII), the largest economic initiative discussing the future of global investment, were launched in Riyadh today, Tuesday, with the participation of hundreds of CEOs and leaders of the financial and investment sector.

The new edition of the conference is taking place under the theme “Investing in Humanity: Enabling a New World Order”. It will address the most pressing issues today to shape the future of the global economy over three days.

The number of participants in the sixth edition is 6000 participants, while the number of speakers will reach 500 speakers in the conference sessions, which are 180 sessions that will be held simultaneously, in addition to 30 workshops and 4 mini-summits distributed over the three days of the conference.


The conference aims to discuss important topics, including balancing success with sustainability, geo-economic rise and equality in an unequal world, what world leaders face in trying to return the world to what it was before the Corona pandemic, and the intractable and unexpected challenges it faces.


The sessions of the first day will discuss some topics by a group of Nobel laureates who will try to find sustainable solutions to meet the basic needs of the world’s population.

It will also talk about the challenges posed by the new world order, as well as the opportunities that arise from it, such as the establishment of an economic system that improves the quality of life for citizens around the world.


The agenda of the second day of the conference includes the “New Energy Economy” summit, with the participation of senior speakers to present their vision on the current state of the finance sector, the global economy, and the role of some countries, such as Japan, in financing sustainable energy.

As for the third and final day of the conference, mini-summits will be witnessed on the rise of cryptocurrencies and the future of Africa, with the participation of several speakers from China and Hong Kong, to discuss the importance of partnership between China and the Middle East.

Another session will discuss the future of environmental and social governance.

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