Discover Cairo Nights…New Cultural Destination at 2024 Jeddah Season

The “Cairo Nights” area in City Walk attracted visitors to the 2024 Jeddah season. It offered a unique experience with heritage, entertainment, and cultural events, showcasing the beauty and authenticity of ancient Egyptian civilization.

From the first moment of entering the area, visitors feel as if they have been transported to the heart of Old Cairo. Popular markets, entertainment shows, bright colors, and architectural designs embody the authenticity and beauty of Egyptian heritage. Additionally, the voices of craftsmen fill the air as they display their skills in manufacturing handmade products.

Moreover, “Cairo Nights” transports visitors to the atmosphere of authentic Egyptian streets, where they can taste traditional foods and drinks, and watch live theatrical performances.


In the center of the region, Khan Al-Khalili is a distinctive tourist attraction. Visitors can wander through vibrant markets with shops displaying famous Egyptian goods, including popular galabiyas, traditional women’s clothing, accessories, antiques, and handicrafts. There are also shops selling copper items, beautiful household utensils, and carpets reminiscent of old Cairo markets.


Visitors’ experience with food and drinks is enhanced at “Cairo Nights.” They can enjoy authentic Egyptian cuisine at traditional restaurants and popular food stands serving dishes like koshari, foul, and falafel. Popular cafes also offer traditional Egyptian drinks such as mint tea and Egyptian coffee.

Immersive Cultural Experience

The “Cairo Nights” theater presents various performances from Egyptian popular folklore, in addition to a package of touring interactive performances that simulate Egyptian culture and its legendary characters, and allow visitors to feel as if they are wandering through the streets of Cairo itself.




“Cairo Nights” strengthens cultural ties between the Kingdom and Egypt. It allows visitors to immerse themselves in Egypt’s rich civilization and culture, which embody the nation’s identity, history, and heritage. Furthermore, this event enhances Jeddah’s entertainment and tourism scene, making it a distinctive destination.



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