Jeddah Season 2024 Launches Exciting Events Calendar

Jeddah Season 2024 has launched an exciting booklet for the season’s events calendar and its entertainment areas, to make it easier for visitors to identify the location of the events and their dates. The booklet also provides extensive details about the nature of the offers and an introductory overview of them.

موسم جدة 2024 يطلق كتيباً تشويقياً خاصا بروزنامة فعاليات الموسم ومناطقه الترفيهية

The booklet comprehensively guide visitors through all the sites, events, and shows of the Jeddah Season 2024. It also offers interesting details about Jeddah’s most famous restaurants, cafes, and markets, highlighting their various activities. Additionally, it features exciting nights with prominent poets and theatrical performances debuting in Jeddah.

Sub-Districts of City Walk

موسم جدة” يطلق فعاليات ثقافية ورياضية وترفيهية متنوعة – شبكة غلوبل الإخبارية

The booklet defines the sub-districts of City Walk, which include eight areas: Metropolitan City, Babylon City, Cairo Nights City, China City, Fun Land, The Garden, Terror Village, and Wonder Wall. Additionally, it introduces theWarner Bros Discovery : Celebrate Every Story area, offering a unique mix of games and entertainment featuring famous stories and cartoon characters, for the first time in the Kingdom.

The season’s activities are scheduled to begin with its new identity under the slogan “Again” next Friday.

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