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Computer which Simulates Functions of Human Brain Developed

In the 21st century, it is no big surprise that scientists would be researching how to build a computer capable of performing the same functions as a human brain–in fact scientists have announced that they made great headway towards creating what they call the “quantum brain.”

Atoms, neutrons and synapses communicate and behave in a very particular way in the human brain. Now, researchers, in their paper published in Nature Nanotechnology, report that they have succeeded in assembling a network of individual atoms that together can communicate in a manner similar to the behavior of neutrons and synapses in the human brain.

 In this “quantum brain,” apparently researchers relied on establishing a network of cobalt atoms positioned on black phosphorous, which assisted them in creating a substance capable of storing and processing information in ways simulating the function of the brain, and much like the human brain, it can adapt itself.

What’s more, the researchers emphasized that their new invention will transcend “artificial intelligence” technology in terms of energy use.
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