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China alerts for 2nd corona wave: another strain that came from Europe

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By : Marwa Mahmoud

Chinese officials have recently explained the recent outbreak of the Corona epidemic in Beijing, with the emergence of another strain of the virus originating in Europe, but it is older than the one that struck the continent early this year.

The disclosure came after the authorities published information on the genome of the Coruna virus, after scores of cases of the disease were recorded in Beijing over the past few days, according to Sky News.

An official with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, named Zhang Yong, revealed data in this regard based on early research, in an article published by the country’s Central Safety and Discipline Committee.

“According to the results of preliminary genomic and epidemiological studies, the virus is from Europe, but it differs from the virus currently circulating in Europe. It is older than it,” Young said.

China has come under great pressure, especially from the United States, to publish data on the spread of “Covid 19” disease caused by the Coruna virus, which first appeared in downtown Wuhan late last year.

While Beijing said it had submitted its latest findings to the WHO on the virus, the US government has blamed China for its slow movement to contain the epidemic.

After the outbreak in Beijing, the WHO said last Sunday that it had informed the Chinese government of ongoing investigations into the source of the new strain of the virus and its infection department.

The organization requested that the virus’ genetic sequence be published as soon as possible, and Beijing had already released the genome sequence late last Thursday.

Wu Zunyu, chief epidemiologist at the CDC, said the Beijing strain is similar to that of Europe, although it is not necessarily transmitted directly from European countries.

Knowing the sequence of the virus’s genome is a vital tool in diagnosing the disease and understanding the spread and control of the virus.

On the origins of the strain that struck Beijing, Wu stressed that it did not originate in the capital, saying it was likely moved through “some people or goods from outside the city.”

Chinese authorities have imposed new travel restrictions in Beijing since the last outbreak, and salmon imports to the city have been halted.

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