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Bullying Victims are more exposed to alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts

According to the National Family Safety Program’s most recent surveys and research on domestic violence, the relationship between childhood bullying, addiction, and antisocial behaviours leads to more aggressiveness in males than females.

Physical bullying is more common among males (40%) than females (33%), and sexual bullying is more common among the first (40%) than the latter (19%).

In contrast, females have a higher prevalence rate of psychological bullying (16%) compared to male’s (9%), as well as social bullying (14%) compared to male’s(10%). Victims of bullying were 1.8 times more likely to smoke,  2.3 to drink alcohol, 2.9 to use drugs, and 2.1 to have sexual relations outside of marriage, and 2.5 times more inclined to suicidal thoughts.

Bullying in adolescence

The study, aimed at a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of bullying among middle school students in the KSA, revealed three main axes and several sub-topics: the types of bullying, the factors that lead to it, and its effects.

Recreational facilities, behaviour problems, school hatred, racism, aggression, and social isolation were among the most important effects of exposure to bullying, according to the study.

Bad Childhood, Peer Violence, and Dissociation

Studies and researches of the National Family Safety Program on domestic violence revealed that early exposure to violence has a negative impact on the child’s brain development. The research methodology used international questionnaires from the World Health Organization. More than half experienced emotional abuse(52%), followed by physical abuse (42%), bullying (39%), neglect (29%), and sexual abuse (21%). The most common form of family disintegration was witnessing domestic violence against any family member (57%), and the least common was living with drug users (9%).

In addition, low educational attainments, disruption of marital life, and drug abuse have a major impact on all categories of bad childhood experiences, while unemployment  is related to neglect and family disintegration.

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