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The Russian-Ukrainian border is not safe for airlines, says the US

US airlines were asked to be cautious and alert to the dangers of flying over the Russian-Ukrainian border. The Federal Aviation Administration in the United States has advised airlines to exercise “extreme caution” while flying over the Russian-Ukrainian border.

“The escalating regional tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which are likely to lead to cross-border conflict without early warning and increased military activities and conflict.” the US administration wrote in a note to airlines.

Since 2014, when the war in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine started, the US administration has placed restrictions on civil aviation in the area near the Russian-Ukraine border. Tension often exists in the region; accusations of military activities and bombing operations on the front line were exchanged between the parts.

The FAA and other air regulators are worried about the possibility of a civil plane being mistakenly shot down during a war. Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine in 2014 by a missile fired from territory controlled by pro-Russian rebels during combat with Ukrainian government forces, according to international news reports.

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