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Sudan: the eastern border with Ethiopia has been secured

According to a Sudanese commander, forces have secured the country’s eastern border with Ethiopia.

A senior Sudanese commander said on Wednesday that his forces had secured the eastern border with Ethiopia, stated the news agency SUNA. The army was deployed within the boundaries, according to Lieutenant General Issam Mohammad Hassan Karar, to protect agricultural areas and reclaim all Sudanese lands in compliance with the 1902 frontier.

Sudan’s commitment to non-aggression against its neighbours was also reaffirmed by Karar. Idris Al-Hadi, a member of the council and the Revolutionary Front’s leader, reaffirmed the assertion:

“We will not seek the military solution to resolve the two issues of borders and water as there’s a possibility of resolving them peacefully,” he said.

The fertile Fashaqa region claimed by both countries has seen a rise in fights as Sudan sends in troops, which Ethiopia has described as an invasion. The farmland is bordered by Ethiopia’s Tigray region, where Addis Ababa launched an offensive against the local leadership in November, forcing 60,000 people to flee to Sudan.

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