Are you thinking about traveling soon… Here are the top 10 tips to avoid Covid 19

Many people have questions about how to avoid the dangers of air travel after reducing restrictions and beginning to gradually coexist with the emerging epidemic of the Coronavirus.

Air travel requires spending time in airport lounges to complete travel and security checks, as well as staying for several hours in the plane’s passenger compartment, and close contact may occur with other people, and the traveler may touch some surfaces, whether at the airport or the plane.

But it can be said that flights are as safe as possible but not decisively, and therefore all precautions must be taken and flight avoidance unless inevitable.

Here are the most important tips to take during travel:

1- Experts advise that all personal belongings, except for passport and ticket, be placed inside a backpack or handbag so that they can be placed on a baggage checker instead of using boxes.

2- Commitment to physical distance from the others not less than two meters and reducing direct contact.

3- It is also advised when waiting at the airport lounges before the boarding gate to choose easy-to-clean seats and clean it wet wipes before sitting on them.

4- In addition, you must be obligated to wear face masks at all times since arriving at the airport and while traveling on board.

5- The mask or face mask can only be taken off when you need to eat or drink. Medical gloves and replace them with others, before eating or touching the face.

6- The size of the hand sanitizer at least 300 grams package and wet paper towels allowed to be carried at the airport and on the plane should also be checked.

7- Experts also advise placing some snacks, cups or an empty plastic bottle in the portable bag, to avoid entering into restaurants or cafeterias that may be crowded. 

8- Professor Paloma Beamer, a professor at the University of Arizona’s School of Public Health, also sees shorter trips, rather than one long trip.

9- In addition, Beamer is advised to sit next to the window, as it reduces the number of people sitting around the traveler.

10- Ventilation openings should be opened to the top of passenger seats, as air filters help prevent most airborne viruses and other germs from spreading.

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