Arab resorts: unique charm and beautiful nature

The Arab world abounds with a group of outstanding and unique beaches. Each of them has its characteristics that will undoubtedly attract you.

After the vaccination of a large number of people around the world against the coronavirus, tourist destinations have finally begun to open their doors to visitors, and transportation is now much more accessible than last year.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Oman and Morocco come at the top of the Arab countries, which have a wonderful group of beaches and tourist destinations that will make up for last year’s loss.

Marsa Alam, Egypt: a resort with an exceptional taste

Egypt is among the Arab countries that many Arabs go to because of its many beaches and tourist destinations.

Marsa Alam is one of the Egyptian resorts of an exceptional nature, so you can have a unique experience this year on its shores.

It is distinguished by its proximity to the Arab Gulf states, as it is a coastal city belonging to the Red Sea Governorate. It is a modern city in the governorate and only 25 years old.

Everything in Marsa Alam is as natural as it is, so some call it the Maldives of Egypt, as it is a land that combines magic and beauty.

It includes the Wadi El-Gemal Reserve, where rare wild and marine creatures live.

There is also the Meteor Lake, with clear, transparent water that sparkles under the sun’s rays. Some believe it was formed after a meteor fell from the sky.

Finally, the Dolphin House or Samdai Reserve contains about 5,000 different species of dolphins, which hinders diving in this area and the lack of boats to preserve the dolphins.

Morocco’s Agadir: a mixture of modernity and antiquity

It is one of the most beautiful regions of North Africa, which has a nature utterly different from the Arab Gulf, Egypt, and Lebanon. They are among the best tourist destinations in the Arab world.

The Agadir region mixes old and new, so visitors do not feel bored at all among its streets.

Agadir, one of the largest cities in Morocco, derives its unique nature from being located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean near the Atlantic Mountains, which gives it an extraordinary touch.

It embraces tourist attractions, spas, golf courses, clean beaches, gardens, parks and more.

Summer in Yanbu: a unique experience

Among the most beautiful tourist destinations that distinguish Saudi Arabia is the Yanbu region, home to many imaginary places.

One of the most prominent places that one must visit in Yanbu is Al-Mahar Island, located west of the Corniche Sea. It has a vast beach of pure blue water. On the island, enjoy fishing, surfing, and sailing in boats.

Salalah, Oman: the capital of Arab summer resorts

It is no secret to anyone the title given to Salalah: the “capital of Arab summer resorts.” 

The city of Salalah is in the Wilayat of Salalah, Dhofar Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman. It enjoys a mountainous nature, so tourists find a series of lofty mountains that embrace valleys and flat plains, in addition to ancient caves.

Al Mughsail Beach is undisputedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Sultanate of Oman, and it is also one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

Jounieh in Lebanon: the land of lemons

Despite its economic crises, Lebanon’s tourism has achieved a miracle due to its resilience so far. Since the beginning of the summer, Lebanon has received many tourists with its various destinations.

One of the most prominent and vital areas to spend a summer vacation in is Jounieh, or, as it is called, “the city of light and the land of lemons”, one of the tourist areas in Mount Lebanon Governorate.

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