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Saudi Ithra to produce two new films

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithraa) announced the production of two new films. The news was released by the Saudi pavilion, supervised by the Film Commission, held at the 74th Cannes Film Festival for the year 2021.

The first film, entitled “Sea of ​​Sands”, is produced and presented by Mohamed Hefzy, and the Saudi director, Khaled Fahd, will present the movie “The Valley Road.”

The Ithra Center aims to enhance the role of the film industry and creative industries in KSA.

Film industry support

The Head of Cinema at Ithra Center and one of the producers of the two films, Majed Zuhair Samman, said: “Ithra Center is a leading independent producer in Saudi Arabia, and it aims to support the film industry by developing local talent and sponsoring the cinema sector.”

Film Maker Support

“Ithra has played a prominent role in supporting independent Saudi filmmakers, and the industry has begun to flourish in the Kingdom. The film will be shot in various locations across Saudi Arabia,” said Mohamed Hefzy.

The movie “Valley Road” revolves around the story of Ali, a young man with autism who gets lost while going to see a doctor in a nearby village. He finds himself alone and lost, facing many obstacles and challenges.

It is worth noting that the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture “Ithra” is keen to present many initiatives that support the film sector in the Kingdom.

The Saudi Films Festival takes place every year to help film directors and makers achieve their dreams. It is one of the largest film producers in the Kingdom and has produced more than 20 films, 15 of which have won local, regional and international awards.

The centre also provides a unique educational experience through the training program offered to talents in filmmaking.

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