Al-Jalajel Visits FDA HQ in Holy Sites Government Complex

The Minister of Health, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Food and Drug Authority (FDA), Mr. Fahd bin Abdurrahman Al-Jalajel, visited the Authority’s headquarters in the government departments complex in the Holy Sites.

Al-Jalajel was briefed on the Authority’s operational progress during the Hajj season 1445, including monitoring products at pilgrims’ entry points, inspecting imports of Hajj medical delegations and supplies, and participating in the inspections of seasonal medical headquarters of Hajj offices.

They also informed workers in catering kitchens in collaboration with the Municipality of the Holy Capital, the Municipality of Medina, and relevant government agencies, and informed pilgrims on food, medicine, medical devices, and products.

The review included the Authority’s Hajj Operations Center, which serves as a point of contact with other government operations centers. It enhances coordination and supports workshops to clarify the identification mechanism for shipments related to “Food and Drug” control received with pilgrims. The center also conducts field studies on the safety of food, medicines and medical devices.

The Minister visited several entities associated with the health system during the Hajj season to assess their preparations and readiness to serve the guests of God in line with the directives and aspirations of the wise leadership.

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