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Al-Ahsa Showcases Craft Preservation at UNESCO Creative Cities Meeting

Al-Ahsa Creative City participated in the 16th annual meeting of UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The event took place on July 1 in Braga, Portugal, and lasted five days. It was attended by Ernesto Atoni, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Cultural Affairs.

Al-Ahsa Creative reviewed its experience in sustaining the preservation of handicrafts and folk arts, and this comes as a continuation of Al-Ahsa obtaining membership in the global network in the creative field of handicrafts and folk arts.

The Mayor of Al-Ahsa, Engineer Issam Al-Mulla, presented a working paper highlighting Al-Ahsa’s heritage preservation efforts. As the first Gulf city and the third Arab city to do so. It also has undertaken many projects and initiatives. These include involving craftsmen and artists in festivals, allocating sites for various handicrafts, and promoting folk arts. The goal is to emphasize culture and creativity in shaping future cities and their role in sustainable urban development.

Global Collaboration, Innovation

During his talk to representatives of creative cities from 62 countries, he emphasized that Al-Ahsa Municipality aims to enhance its role in serving the community. They seek to boost growth and sustainability in handicrafts and folk arts for craftsmen. This effort results from the active involvement of both public and private sectors in cultural activities, aligning with UNESCO’s Creative Network goals.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Shabeeth, Director of International Organizations in Al-Ahsa Municipality and Assistant Coordinator of Crafts and Traditional Arts at UNESCO‘s Creative Cities Network, stated that the global meeting aims to exchange experiences and directly communicate with network leaders. The goal is to discuss and innovate future cities. The network provides a platform to support and enhance actions by member cities locally and internationally to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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