NEOM Announces Maqna Project on Coast of Gulf of Aqaba

The NEOM Board of Directors announced the “Maqna” project, the NEOM coastal luxury tourism area on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. It represents a qualitative addition to the portfolio of pioneering and sustainable tourism projects being developed in NEOM.

“Maqna,” with its unique location, environmental diversity, and innovative model, is a global destination for natural tourism. It supports the national tourism strategy and contributes to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, aiming for growth and economic diversification. It also showcases the progress in construction and development in NEOM.

NEOM CEO, Engineer Nazmi Al-Nasr, said: “The pioneering coastal ‘Maqna’ project in NEOM is a natural treasure. It offers rich environmental diversity, enabling unprecedented sustainable tourism experiences. This also aligns with our pillars of creating new living concepts and preserving nature.”

Al-Nasr added: “Maqna will not be just a new tourist site, but rather a group of coastal destinations with unique experiences for lovers of entertainment, exploration, innovation and the arts.”

“Maqna” offers exceptional tourism experiences that meet high sustainability and environmental standards. Moreover, its destinations showcase the Kingdom’s natural diversity and improve quality of life through facilities and designs that blend architectural innovation, advanced technology, and unique experiences. Therefore, it enhances the Kingdom’s status as a leading global tourist destination.

يدعم الاستدامة البيئية.. نيوم تعلن عن مشروع "مقنا" العالمي على ساحل خليج العقبة - الصورة من حساب نيوم على إكس

Luxury Accommodation, Unique Experiences

“Maqna” will set a new global standard in luxury natural tourism over its 120 kilometers of diverse destinations. It will feature advanced technologies, world-class engineering designs, and modern facilities, all integrated with the natural environment. Additionally, it will offer unique experiences in hospitality and entertainment.

“Maqna” will feature 15 luxury hotels with over 1,600 rooms, suites, and hotel apartments, accommodating more than 300,000 guests annually. It will also include over 2,500 high-end residential units. Each “Maqna” destination offers unique services, activities, and experiences, yet all are integrated to form a single identity. This unified identity aligns with NEOM’s vision of preserving and rehabilitating biodiversity and nature.

يدعم الاستدامة البيئية.. نيوم تعلن عن مشروع "مقنا" العالمي على ساحل خليج العقبة - الصورة من حساب نيوم على إكس

Economic Impact, Job Creation

The 12 “Maqna” destinations will act as a catalyst for economic activity in the Kingdom, by providing 15,000 job opportunities in the tourism, entertainment and hospitality sectors. The project is expected to contribute about 2.6 billion Saudi riyals to the Kingdom’s gross domestic product by 2030.

Furthermore, “Maqna” will provide an exceptional opportunity for investors and companies. It will be part of one of the world’s leading projects which embraces sustainability in all its aspects and stages, from design to construction to long-term operation and maintenance.

“Maqna” is also the latest pioneering project being developed in NEOM, which includes “The Line” city, “Oxagon”, the city of advanced and clean industries in NEOM, the “Trogena” mountain tourism project, and the luxurious “Sindala” island.

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