Saudi Aramco Half Moon Beach: Turquoise Gem in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco Half Moon Beach is a private beach situated on the Half Moon Bay, part of the Dhahran Governorate near KhobarSaudi Arabia.

The beach, stretching for three kilometers, is owned and managed by Saudi Aramco. It boasts a picturesque color palette of turquoise water and fine golden sand.

Saudi Aramco Beach, Saudi Arabia - ALL You Need To Know

Saudi Aramco Half Moon Beach for All Tastes

Its diverse activities caters for different vacationers’ needs; adrenaline seekers can go surfing while those yearning for tranquility can go camping under the star-studded sky. Lifeguards are always alert, ensuring the safety of all swimmers.

Moreover, the area surrounding the beach has many hiking trails for those willing to explore the Saudi nature.

Following a relaxing day at the beach, vacationers can also go to the heart of Dhahran and wonder among the city’s  cultural landmarks and historical sites.


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Diverse Cuisines and Hotels

For all the foodies, restaurants near Saudi Aramco Half Moon Beach offer a wide variety of options from farm-to-fork seafood to Middle Eastern cuisine.

Visitors can choose between many hotels that offer different experiences for all budgets like Seaside Luxury Hotel, The Palm Tree Inn and The Beachcomber’s Lodge.

Moreover, the spacious parking lot saves visitors from the hustle of finding a parking spot.

Saudi Aramco Beach - Dhahran

Saudi Aramco Half Moon Beach’s association with the oil industry adds a layer to the uniqueness of the beach. It is close to the operations of Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil-producing company.

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