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A Saudi academic creates modern technologies in the field of manufacturing car batteries

The Saudi doctor, Yahya Muhammad Al-Qahtani, a faculty member at Howard University, invented modern technologies in the field of manufacturing electric car batteries.


This innovation of the Saudi doctor supports the national trend to invest in electric cars.


Al-Qahtani stated to SPA the details of these technologies, which are among the outputs of his research project.


He said: “The research managed to reduce the charging of electric car batteries by 12 minutes after it used to take hours.


He also added that he was able to reduce the weight of the battery to about 20%, thus reducing the cost.


This will contribute to the existence of a local product that supports the national trend in investing in the field of electric cars.”


He added: The next step he aspires to is to localize what he has reached through research published by a team led by him.


Al-Qahtani completed the first stage of its patent registration into a commercial product, by establishing a local investment company to make the product Saudi.


The Saudi doctor stressed that his project is an essential part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s strategy to invest in the field of electric cars.


He stressed that his product will contribute to the settlement of this industry in this field, which is growing in an unprecedented way.


Al-Qahtani added, “The production of electric cars has achieved significant growth from 200,000 cars in 2012 to about 15 million cars in 2022.”

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