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A New Cultural Habit to Appear After the Crisis

Old Habits - New Habits drawn with yellow arrows on chalkboard

With the crisis of coronavirus, many countries and people have been affected. It can be described as cross-demographic problems in recent history. This crisis, subsequently, will change how people behave and interact. People will be more encouraged to collaborate and cooperate.

This pandemic is reminding the people that although they are different, they are still the same. They have the same fear and the same desires. Humanity will step a new level of understanding and awareness that infuses the power of teaming up. People and most businesses are expected to form what is called “OSS or OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS.” It is the act of sharing and even giving away the solutions and ideas to face a specific problem.

The thing that distinguishes people is performance. How they use OSS and how they are keeping their identity. This new cultural habit will lead to a wide range of solutions that people can follow regardless of their origin or character. Not only that but also the entire world will experience a high level of performance and awareness on a massive range.

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