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Burnout, a Better Understanding

According to Clare Gerada, a doctor and GP partner, she explained her work and life stress that made her exhausted. She described how everything began to lose their spark and shine. She said that it is the typical symptom of burnout. So, what is that exactly?

Burnout is a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness; it can be expanded to reach the physical part of the body. It is similar to depression, where people sometimes get confused between them. The significant difference that depression is severed and extreme, where suicidal thoughts can appear.

The major indications of burnout are the following:

  • Exhaustion

A general lack of energy and feeling exhausted emotionally and physically. Physical fatigue can be developed into body pain or stomach.

  • Feeling Alienated

A high sense of stress and frustration and that can come as a form of distancing oneself from coworkers and feeling numb.

  • Low Performance

It makes you feel negative and hard to focus on a particular task. This negativity can lead to a lack of creativity and productiveness.

The good side that there is always a solution to everything. A person who is struggling with such symptoms should learn how to say “No” to reduce overwhelming tasks. Also, delegation is a great technique to release the brain. Taking breaks and vacations is a refreshing way for the mind, and lastly, leaving the work at work and never overthink about it.

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