On 91st Saudi National Day, Kingdom is Green

A green suit appeared on buildings in Saudi cities as they prepared to commemorate the 91st Saudi National Day on Thursday. This vibrant image is complemented with a qualitative vision that supports Saudi Arabia’s green presence in environmental trends through the “Green Saudi Arabia” program and another project whose glow in the capital, Riyadh, was seen during the afforestation project.

On 91st Saudi National Day cities were transformed into green jewels with flags and lights that dominated the hue, and they were transformed into paintings with green flag colors, forming a preliminary image of a green future that you will see in the future.

These 91st Saudi National Day colours will have a very different meaning, representing the future of Saudi cities, which will be green all year thanks to the “Saudi Green Initiative,” which will cover 40 million hectares of vast desert lands with 10 billion trees to improve air quality and contribute to reducing storms, sandy, anti-desertification, and lowering temperature.

This project is part of the “Green Middle East” program, which attempts to address environmental issues in the region such as desertification, air pollution, and high temperatures, as well as provide a healthy atmosphere and clean air for inhabitants.

On October 25, Saudi Arabia will host the Green Middle East Initiative Summit, which will bring together important leaders from the region and throughout the world with the goal of coordinating efforts to fulfill common environmental commitments.

The summit will be accompanied by activities such as the Green Saudi Initiative forum, which will promote Saudi Arabia’s environmental efforts in front of world leaders and will lead to the adoption of real steps and the introduction of new solutions to battle climate change.

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