Green Middle East: China shows its support to the kingdom

“We’re working on an annual summit for the Green Middle East,” says Mohammed bin Salman in contact with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

(CNN) – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman declared that his country is planning an annual summit the “Green Middle East” initiative that brings together leaders and officials in the field of the environment.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on its official Twitter page that the Saudi crown prince said in a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping: “The Kingdom is working to organize an annual summit for the Green Middle East Initiative in the presence of leaders and officials in the environmental field”.

According to the ministry, Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Bing discussed the “Green Saudi Arabia and Green Middle East” initiative in the sense of addressing environmental problems and combating climate change, as well as the role of these two initiatives in improving the region’s and world’s quality of life.

The Saudi Crown Prince said that China will be a big partner in the annual summit that Saudi Arabia plans to hold, and the Chinese president said that he supports both of these initiatives.

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