88% of Women in Saudi Arabia Drive Cars

88% of women in Saudi Arabia use their own cars for daily transportation, reported Ajel News24. In 2017, Saudi Arabia granted the Saudi women the right to get driving licenses and drive. This decision was the beginning of a serious of women-decisions which aim to empower the Saudi women.

Empowering Saudi Women

The National Gas and Industrialization Company (GASCO) signed an agreement with the Arab Institute for Women’s Empowerment (Nusf) on empowering Saudi women. The agreement aims to empower Saudi women for leadership and executive positions in the company in 2024, reported News 24.

Agreement’s Objectives

Moreover, the agreement, which carries the slogan “Completing a Picture… Achieving a Vision,” includes several programs and courses with multiple objectives.

Through its programs, GASCO aims to achieve rapid professional development for female leaders preparing to assume executive positions. These initiatives align with Saudi Vision 2030’s goal of supporting women’s economic participation.

The empowerment programs also aim to educate new leaders with high potential, providing them with professional support and equipping them with the necessary tools and resources through workshops and practical guidebooks. The goal is to help them better handle dynamics and build networks and social relationships.

Moreover, the programs seek to bring together female leaders and male leaders from companies and institutions with similar thought patterns in a series of high-level strategic training sessions and discussions. The objective is also to learn from each other about leadership challenges and opportunities.

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