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Saudi Arabia’s Harvest 2023: Social Projects Supporting Women’s Empowerment

Social Development Bank's Support Program

Saudi Arabia has made significant and noticeable progress in recent years in empowering women in various aspects. Supported by its leadership, Saudi Arabia emphasizes women empowerment as part of the Saudi Vision 2030.

Consequently, the country has updated laws to promote gender equality, covering various social systems. These laws bolster women’s rights in professional, social, and family domains.

Additionally, efforts are made for equal rights in all fields and better work environments for women. Saudi Arabia enhances women’s rights and empowerment through education and training. Also, The Kingdom launched various social initiatives to strengthen women’s societal roles.

Social Development Bank’s Support Program

The Social Development Bank is a pivotal government pillar in providing easy developmental financing programs for citizens, assisting them in playing an active and influential role in the nation-building process and supporting small and emerging projects crucial for the Kingdom’s economy.

The bank adopts strategies and plans to develop this sector and facilitates the financing process through the project financing program.

An association based in Mecca offers support to widows and divorcees including psychological, legal, and social services. This organization also provides housing and assists in developing job skills to enhance their employment prospects.

Government supports widows and divorcees through various services, including:

  • Alimony Fund
  • Housing Support for Widows
  • Social Security Pension for Widows and Divorcees
  • Kafalah Program from the Development Bank for Widows and Divorcees
  • Support Association for Widows and Divorcees

Women’s Empowerment Initiative

The “Women’s Empowerment Initiative” is an important ambition that helps preserve women’s rights- part of the Saudi national budget framework. Saudi Arabia seeks to create a comprehensive and focused approach to activities and policies for empowering Saudi women.

Women’s Committee in Family Affairs Council

Saudi Arabia established the Women’s Committee in the Family Affairs Council to review policies, build partnerships, launch initiatives, and programs aimed at enhancing women’s status and empowering them socially, economically, and knowledgeably.

Furthermore, the Human Rights Commission has designated a special committee for women within its committees to focus on protecting and enhancing women’s rights according to international standards in all fields.

Gender Balance Center

The Gender Balance Center was established in KSA to provide initiatives and projects contributing to bridging the gender gap. It includes training programs, studies, consultations, administrative, organizational, and strategic proposals to achieve the desired goals of bridging the gender gap in work environments.

Programs, Systems for Protecting Women’s Rights

There are many programs launched to protect working women, including the “Qurrah” program for supporting childcare services for working mothers, the “Wusool” program for supporting women’s transportation, and the “Freelance Work Support” program to expand opportunities for women based on their skills.

Additionally, programs like “Part-Time Work” and “Remote Work” enable women to balance work and family. The Kingdom has also empowered women in rural and remote areas to participate in the labor market.

Saudi laws criminalize all forms of violence, especially against women and girls. The “Protection from Abuse” law, issued in September 2013, prohibits and criminalizes various forms of abuse.


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