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70% of emerging diseases may come from animals

70% of emerging diseases may come from animals

Nima Abed; the representative of WHO in Sudan, revealed that the source of emerging diseases that we have seen in the recent period and which have become widespread in the world is animals.

She said, in her statements, that about 70% of the emerging diseases that are currently prevalent are of animal origin.

It has indicated that it significantly affects human health and livestock in addition to food safety, within the framework of single health.

She noted that there are several efforts to identify between 6 to 7 of the list that has 41 diseases, as they have the most impact on human and animal health, and later action plans are developed to control them.

Yousra Muhammad Othman ; Undersecretary of Sudanese Ministry of Health, confirmed that work will be done to develop a list of the most important diseases common to humans and animals to try to treat them.

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