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7 kinds of rare birds can be found only in Jazan

Recently, people have spotted in Jizan region, the existence of 7 rare species of birds that do not live anywhere else in the world except there.7

Specialists according to Al-Madinah said that Jizan is considered a subtropical region and its environment is suitable for the reproduction of many animals and birds.

They pointed out that the rare species of birds include: (the Arabian owl, the large spotted cuckoo, the hermit cuckoo, the whistling, the platypus, the honeycomb, and the paradise fly hook).

It is noticeable that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is working on improving the tourism sector in the country as a way of diversifying the source of income for the whole economy. Subsequently, many people are trying to discover their own region and show off all the hidden sites and places as well as the special species of animals.

Many local photographers are trying to focus on that side of their country. The Saudi government is organizing different contests to encourage citizens to appreciate the beauty of their own country.

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