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Write the Winning Email of All Times

The first impression is essential to win in any business. It is all about how your company looks, especially if it is a new business. Doubtlessly, people today are more aware and have a better understanding of the functions of businesses. So, there are many ways to reach the target audience, particularly in a time of pandemic that we are living today.

  • Sending an Introduction Letter or Email

Starting the email with your name and your role in the company is always a high kick-off. However, the case is slightly different when it is a hard-copy letter. The name of the sender should be in the letterhead. Your name should contain only two syllables to, quickly, remember it.

  • Explain what your company does

Afterward, follow your name with the company introduction, where you can explain the field of your company and what your company provides. You can define your services or products in elaboration; all this explanation should be under the goal and purpose of your company’s existence. This part should not exceed 4 to 6 sentences.

  • Expand why you’re sending this message

It is vital to highlight the “why” question. Be straightforward and release the reasons behind sending this message, either it is for a prospected customer or a potential investor. It is more trustworthy to be simple and clear.

  • Finalizing the letter

To wrap up, the smartest way is to give the receiver the option to choose and decide about the next step. Be gentle and generous with a wide arm of understanding. This tactic gives the receiver a sense of acceptance, and they will be more encouraged to go forward with you in the next stage.

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