Global Water Organization: Efforts Exerted to Find Solutions

Dr. Fahd bin Saad Abu Mouti, head of the founding team of the World Water Organization, emphasized the need for global cooperation on water issues. He highlighted the organization’s dedication to facilitating such efforts. He also emphasized the global desire for concrete international action to achieve comprehensive water solutions.

This came during the meetings held on the sidelines of the Tenth World Water Forum, which is being held in Indonesia from 18-21 May, in the presence of heads of state and government, ministers, and officials from 180 countries and 250 international organizations.

Dr. Abu Mouti explained that the organisation focuses on comprehensive water solutions through establishing the World Water Organization. “Our mission involves fostering cooperation among governments, NGOs, and private entities. These meetings, held alongside the forum, aim also to enhance cooperation for water management and sustainability. They precede discussions among member states to establish the World Water Organization in Riyadh, as announced by Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, in September 2023.”

Dr. Abu Mouti emphasized the need for international cooperation on water issues. He highlighted that solving the water crisis can’t be done by a single entity alone. Instead, it requires all sectors of society to collaborate in developing and implementing solutions for a sustainable water future.

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