Green Taif Association Celebrates World Food Day

The Taif Green Association, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Education in Taif governorate, held a seminar today on the occasion of World Food Day, a global event aimed at directing global public opinion towards challenges related to food security and raising awareness about hunger issues.

This event highlighted the theme, “Water is Life, Water is Food”, emphasizing the critical role of water in sustaining life on Earth and its foundational importance to our food supply.

Water Scarcity, Its Impact

Dr. Saad Al-Otaibi, the Chairman of the association, shed light on the subject of water scarcity affecting more than 40% of the global population.

Dr. Al-Otaibi mentioned that over a billion people lack access to fresh water, with water usage globally increasing by approximately 1% annually over the last forty years.

This trend is expected to continue at the same rate until 2050 due to several combined factors including population growth, social and economic development, and changing consumption patterns.

Water Scarcity in Arab Region

Dr. Al-Otaibi further highlighted that water scarcity in the Arab region is a matter concerning water security, food security, prosperity, and a dignified life.

With 390 million people living in the Arab region, it is considered the most water-scarce zone among all global regions, with 19 out of 22 Arab countries falling within the water scarcity range.

He discussed the potential solutions for addressing the water security issue and water scarcity in the Arab region.

Global Water Organization Initiative

Dr. Al-Otaibi referred to the announcement by the Crown Prince of the establishment of a Global Water Organization headquartered in Riyadh as a response to address the challenges related to water scarcity.

This initiative aims to enhance global efforts to tackle water challenges comprehensively.

He also touched on some targets of Saudi Vision 2030 related to reducing water wastage and treatment, including reducing the municipal water consumption rate from 256 to 200 liters per person per day and reusing treated wastewater for environmental purposes or for growing fodder using triple-treated water.

Taif Green Association’s Strategic Objectives

Dr. Asma Al-Thumali, a member of the association, spoke about the strategic objectives of the Taif Green Association in the areas of environment, food, water energy, and related initiatives aimed at transforming Taif governorate into a province applying the principles of green cities.

She also mentioned the Sustainable Schools initiative aiming to spread awareness about the importance of rationalizing the use of water, food, and energy.

Food Wastage Challenges

Dr. Ibtihal Khawja, another member of the association, highlighted food wastage as one of the challenges faced by countries.

She discussed initiatives related to reducing food loss and wastage and emphasized the importance of education in making the desired impact.

She also presented a set of recommendations in this area.

The seminar served as a platform to discuss and address the intertwined issues of water scarcity, food security, and sustainable living, aligning with global efforts and local initiatives to tackle these challenges.


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