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Weather Report in Makkah, Jeddah, Medina

The National Center for Meteorology expects that during the coming hours, the weather will be partly cloudy in Makkah and Jeddah and clear in Medina.

The center said on its website that the current temperature in Makkah is 36 degrees. The wind direction is currently northwest during the day and turns to northeast at night, with a speed is 14-36 km/hour.

The recorded temperature in Medina is 34 degrees and the wind direction is west to southwest, at a speed of 12-34 km/h. In Jeddah, the recorded temperature is 31 degrees, and the wind direction is north to northwest, at a speed of 20-40 km/h.

Hajj season 2024 has already started and many pilgrims have arrived at Saudi Arabia, specifically in Medina and Makkah, to perform the fifth pillar of Islam. The pilgrims will perform Hajj rituals amid high temperature levels.

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