National Center of Meteorology Issues Weather Alert for UAE

The National Center of Meteorology reported that the current weather will peak on Wednesday night and persist until Saturday. The centre stressed that this new weather condition is not comparable to the recent exceptional weather.

الأرصاد" يُحذّر: الطقس "غير مستقر" اعتباراً من الأحد

The center informed “Emirates Today” that starting today, Monday, the country is affected by a surface depression from the Red Sea, bringing humid southeasterly winds. This depression extends from the northwest and influences various cloud formations, including cumulus clouds, resulting in rainfall.

The centre also stated that the weather condition will cover most regions of the country, with lightning and thunder at times, and the possibility of hail. It also pointed out that the amount of clouds will decrease on Friday and Saturday. Furthermore, it expects a continuous chance of light to moderate rain that may be heavy in some southern and eastern regions.

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