Violent Clashes Between Milan and PSG Fans Lead to Stabbing Incident

Reports from Italian media surfaced about a stabbing incident involving a fan of the French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) on Monday, preceding a UEFA Champions League match against AC Milan scheduled for Tuesday. The Italian daily Corriere della Sera brought to light the skirmishes between the supporters of the two clubs that resulted in one PSG fan being critically injured and hospitalized after sustaining two stab wounds.

A Suspected Ambush

The incident is believed to be a premeditated ambush orchestrated by a faction of AC Milan’s Ultras, according to the reports. The altercations reportedly commenced with the detonation of firecrackers, followed by smoke bombs, culminating in a coordinated assault by the Ultras. Police forces were dispatched promptly to the scene in an attempt to defuse the situation and prevent further violence.

Milan and PSG: Injuries and Arrests

As per the latest updates, two French fans have suffered injuries in the clashes, with one requiring urgent medical attention at a hospital. Furthermore, an officer received minor injuries during the confrontations. Meanwhile, an AC Milan supporter was detained and taken into police custody.

Group Standings Implications

This violent outbreak comes as PSG tops their Champions League group with 6 points. They are trailed by Newcastle United with 4 points, edging out Borussia Dortmund on goal difference. AC Milan sits at the bottom of the group with just two points, adding tension to an already crucial match-up.

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