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Riyadh Dazzling Finale in Paris: Last Impression for Expo 2030 Bid

grand finale of Riyadh's campaign for Expo 2030 took place in Paris
grand finale of Riyadh's campaign for Expo 2030 took place in Paris

The grand finale of Riyadh’s campaign for Expo 2030 took place in Paris, marking the culmination of Saudi Arabia’s intense efforts to host the prestigious global event. The campaign, which concluded with a lavish and culturally rich ceremony, aimed to secure Riyadh as the next World Expo host city against other bidding cities such as Rome, Busan, and Odesa.

Vision for the Future

The event underscored Saudi Arabia’s vision for the future, emphasizing sustainable development, cultural exchange, and innovation. It also reflected the kingdom’s commitment to global cooperation and its readiness to host such a significant international gathering.

Cultural Extravaganza

The Paris finale showcased the richness of Saudi culture and heritage through various artistic and cultural performances. The event was designed not only to impress the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) members who will decide the host city but also to give the world a taste of the Saudi hospitality and innovation.

Riyadh: Support and Anticipation

High-profile support came from various sectors, including endorsements from international figures, which highlighted the global anticipation for the decision. The finale event was a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s bid, as it presented the kingdom’s capabilities and earnest desire to host the Expo.

Notably, Saudi Arabia won bid for the 2034 FIFA World Cup after FIFA invited Asian and Oceanian countries. The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) aims to offer a globally acclaimed tournament, reflecting the nation’s economic transformation and passion for football. This bid draws on its growing expertise in organizing premier football events.

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