Using 15,000 “Lego” pieces, Saudi female releases paintings of Crown Prince

The Saudi student, “Reem Abdel-Khaleq”, decided to implement a creative painting in which she drew Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, by using 15,000 plastic “Lego” pieces and placing them on a board measuring 120 * 80 cm.

Reem spoke to “Al”, and said that the painting took a whole month of work and effort, by installing colored plastic pieces, to produce the image of the Crown Prince.

“My mother assured me that the installation of these pieces takes a long time, but I went through the experiment until I was able to come up with the painting I wished for.

 She then published the photo through her Twitter account, to find wide interaction.

social media users interacted with the painting by using the hashtag #Reem_Painting_Photo_Crown_Prince.

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