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A Look into King Abdulaziz Public Library’s rare manuscript

King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh acquires the only copy known so far in the world, a manuscript by Shams Al-Din Al-Sakhawi.

Shams Al-Din Al-Sakhawi is one of the scholars of the Mamluk era in Egypt who worked in the sciences of hadith, interpretation, and history.

The date of copying the manuscript dates back to 1776 and falls within the sciences of hadith.

 It is a complete, corrected copy of the books, the rest of which is in black ink.

He wrote the headers of its chapters and some paragraphs in red ink in the type of naskhi script, where the number of leaves is (14 leaves and 31 lines).

Since its establishment, King Abdulaziz Public Library has been concerned with various elements of heritage, to provide a complete picture of the Arab and Islamic heritage.

It is also concerned with preserving national heritage, Arab and Islamic heritage in general, and making it available to researchers.

It is rich in many original holdings and includes among its sides more than 8000 diverse manuscripts.

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