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Iran-backed Houthi militias prepare to attack Marib

A senior official in the Yemeni governorate revealed great preparations by the Houthi gangs are being conducted to attack the Marib governorate during the coming period, for which the zero-hours have not yet been set.

He said: “After the Houthis failed nearly two months ago to overthrow Ma’rib under the supervision and leadership of the Iranian ambassador, which is the fifth of all attempts, it has failed, but the Houthis are now fully prepared and equipped to attack.

In media statements, Major Mohsen Khasrouf, the chief of Yemen’s Armed Forces Moral Guidance said: “Marib has not and will not fall no matter how well the Houthis prepare, it (Marib) is considered the largest governorate that receives some Houthi missiles,”.

He indicated that there are large numbers of Houthis who have fallen among the dead and injured, as well as their loss of control positions with large quantities of weapons, ammunition, and equipment, so they consider the next battle and attack, the decisive test and the last chance.

Khasrouf added that steadfastness in Marib is evidence of strong patriotism, adherence to the September revolution, its goals and principles, and the republican system, and the absolute rejection of racism, dynasty, sectarianism, and regionalism. 

“They defend it desperately because Marib is the last of the existing symbols, and it will remain steadfast despite all the Houthi attempts. It is an actual Houthi cemetery, with thousands per month, and Houthi statistics confirm this,” he stressed.

He explained that the reason for the Houthis’ insistence on overthrowing Ma’rib is because it would mean their total control over all areas of the south, and control over the area of ​​economic and political power, and the main gateway to overthrowing the rest of the cities and governorates of the south.

He added that the recent plans of the Houthis have become exposed by withdrawing some of their forces from the fighting fronts, and unifying them to storm Marib, and intensively recruiting during the past two months, with temptations and threats.

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