Umm Shajirat Island, Tabuk: beautiful marine nature

The Kingdom has many charming tourist places, including tourist islands, and Umm Shajirat in Tabuk is one of them, with its own marine wildlife.

The Tabuk shores are distinguished by views of the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea, where the Haql and Al-Bida governorates overlook the Gulf.

The Tabuk region offers all public and governmental services and facilities that a tourist needs. The beaches include many natural treasures, coral reefs, and marine creatures, such as the endangered hawksbill turtle, which takes the island of Al-Waqadi in Al-Wajh Governorate as its home. 

The Tabuk marine environment is the perfect place for sea enthusiasts in general and divers in particular. It is a destination for underwater adventures. Divers meet swarms of fish, brightly coloured snails, and molluscs of various types; thousands of small fish and dolphins accompany mollusc reefs.

The environment of Tabuk is characterized by the presence of the sea cucumber, which works to create an essential ecological balance within the beautiful system.

Umm Shajirat Island, Tabuk

Umm Shujairat Island in the Tabuk region is considered one of the charming islands in the Kingdom. It has a distinct and picturesque nature, which attracts visitors’ attention.

It is also characterized by the sandy land and the coral, and a large number of trees. 

Umm Shujairat Island is 5km away from the port of Khraibeh and offers moderate weather throughout the seasons.

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