UAE Minister of Health receives first dose of Corona vaccine

By Marwa Mahmoud

The UAE Minister of Health, Abdul Rahman Al Owais, received the first dose of the emerging corona virus vaccine, after the UAE authorized the use of the vaccine for doctors and workers on the first line of defense.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection stated, in a statement today (Saturday), that the minister received the vaccine “in line with the ministry’s plan that was announced last week, which includes providing the Corona vaccine to specific groups of the first line of defense.”

Al-Owais said: “By presenting this vaccine, we seek to provide all means of safety for the heroes of the first line of defense and protect them from any dangers that they may face due to the nature of their work.”

He added that the clinical trials of the vaccine conducted by health sector in the country have shown positive results, and have proven that it is safe and effective, and will contribute to reducing the losses caused by the pandemic and saving lives.

The UAE began experiments on a vaccine for the Coronavirus in mid-July, which is a vaccine produced by the Chinese pharmaceutical company “Sinopharma”. The experiments were conducted under the supervision of the Health Department in Abu Dhabi and the UAE Ministry of Health.

The vaccine is included under the umbrella of the World Health Organization, and the UAE was chosen to conduct the experiments as it includes more than 200 nationalities.

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