Top 10 tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia for Girls

Saudi Arabia is a safe destination when it comes to a tourist trip for girls, which is diverse in its terrain, and replete with places worth visiting, whether it comes to beaches, deserts, mountains, or cities .

Note that the cities of the south in Saudi Arabia are cold in winter and refreshing in summer.

 The following is a glimpse of suitable sites for tourism for girls.

Madina El Monawara

Located in the western part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is the city in which the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was buried, and is considered the second holiest city in Islam after Mecca. Despite the many places worth visiting in Medina, the Prophet’s Mosque has a special place in the hearts of Muslims and visiting it is one of the main things when traveling to Medina.


It is located in the west of Saudi Arabia and contains the purest parts of the earth, where authenticity and unique culture live with modernity. About the multiplicity of folk arts in the region, as it accommodated many migrations and visitors throughout the ages, so each region has a heritage and folk art. Mecca witnesses the influx of tourists at all times of the year.


It is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contains many important tourist places, such as King Fahd Cultural Center, Tuwaiq Palace, King Fahd Stadium, Deira Square, and … The desired shopping for girls is an integral part of tourism in Riyadh, and in this context, Al Owais Market is one of the most beautiful markets in Riyadh.

 For a quick weekend getaway, in Riyadh, girls are advised to organize a trip to the red sand desert and enjoy some adventure or barbecues with the wonderful view of Tuwaiq Mountain.


It is the oldest and largest Saudi city, and the most crowded, and teeming with tourist addresses, such as beaches, art galleries, and cafes. It also includes a luxurious and diverse group of guest houses, chalets, tourist facilities, parks, and beautiful gardens, as well as buildings that take the viewer on a historical journey. Tourism in Jeddah is not complete without shopping.


Al-Ula, which belongs to Medina, is one of the largest archaeological cities and the first Saudi archaeological site to be registered on the World Heritage List.


Asir has many natural tourism components, and it is considered a Saudi summer tourist destination due to its cold climate, thanks to its highlands and mountain peaks in the majestic city of Abha with its heritage, culture, and arts, without neglecting its coastal beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and parks.


Tabuk is an ideal tourist destination, on the northwest side of Saudi Arabia, including archaeological sites and some aspects of nature, including fertile valleys, sandy areas, and the wonders of rock formations. The tourism infrastructure in Tabuk is excellent, especially the abundance of restaurants and places for families.


The city of Taif is famous for its mild climate, parks, and summer resorts, which tourists come to visit due to their nature. The geographical location of Taif is the crossroads of vital roads in Saudi Arabia, and the region is home to many archaeological sites.

In this context, Al Hada seems to be a destination for tourists wishing to ride cable cars to view the park from above. The city includes many chalets, hotels, important tourist resorts, entertainment cities, and places suitable for family outings and girls’ trips.

Al Baha City

The city includes several mountains, including the “Hijaz Mountains”, which provide warmth from the cold winter, while the Tihama Al Baha is known for its beautiful valleys with dense trees and the presence of rest houses and gardens that contribute to more tourist attractions, especially during winter.


 Umluj is located on the Red Sea coast between the city of Yanbu in the south and the city of Al-Wajh in the north. It is 57 km from Tabuk city to the south. It is one of the ancient historical sites. Umluj Beach Park is the most famous and most beautiful beach in the Kingdom and the most popular and crowded with tourists.

Umluj Beach is also distinguished by its splendor, as it contains fertile soil that the coastal landline passes through, and it is surrounded by villages containing Islamic monuments, in addition to the islands.

 Umluj combines three elements, namely the mountain, the plain, and the clear seawater due to the lack of coral reefs in it.

 Do not miss when visiting a delicious fish meal, in one of the restaurants near the port.

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