“The Titanic of Saudi Arabia”: a shipwreck from the 18th century is found in the Red Sea

The Saudi Heritage Authority stated a few days ago that a sunken antiquities exploration mission conducted by 5 Saudi divers from the authority’s staff had discovered the wreck of a sunken ship off the coast of Haql Governorate in the Red Sea.

Hundreds of artifacts from the ship’s cargo were discovered by the divers off the shore of the Haql Governorate in the Red Sea

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The team specialized in surveying the submerged heritage in the Red Sea was able to locate the shipwreck, which is 300 meters from the shore.

The survey was documented by a set of three-dimensional photographs, and the area containing these sunken antiquities was identified, according to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”.

Initial reports also indicated that the ship may have had a collision with coral reefs, which led to the scattering of its parts and the fall of its cargo.

The ship’s voyage took place in the late eighteenth century AD, a time when the Red Sea was known for its wealth of sea commerce trips, and the pottery pieces discovered are mostly of the type of “amphora” made in the Mediterranean basin’s cities.

Oldest shipwreck

The joint Saudi-German team that surveyed the West Coast’s underwater cultural sites from 2012 to 2017 also discovered the remnants of a Roman shipwreck in the Red Sea.

It is the earliest wreck of an ancient ship discovered along the Saudi coast, along with another shipwreck dating from the first Islamic era, in the area between Rabigh and Shuaiba.

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