Saudi stock market rebounds after two sessions of losses

Following a fall in the previous two sessions of last week, the major Saudi stock index “TASI” increased today by 119.94 points, or 0.98 percent, to 12417.56.

At the closing of trading, 235.9 million shares had been traded for a total value of SAR 9.96 billion.

Out of the 211 stocks listed on the market, 183 saw their stock prices rise, while 20 saw their stock prices fall.

Amana Insurance, Enaya, “Research and Media,” “Fish,” and “Tokyo Development” were among the top gainers, with gains ranging from 9.95 percent to 6.98 percent.

Al-Baha, Al-Mowasat, Nabeeb, Al-Arabi, and Amiantit, on the other hand, had the lowest rates, ranging from 5% to 1.5 percent.

The National Bank, Saudi Aramco, Dar Al-Arkan and Development, and Saudi Kayan were the most actively traded stocks by volume.

With SAR 1.65 billion in value, Al-Ahly topped the trading activity, followed by Aramco with SAR 1.01 billion, and Al-Rajhi with SAR744.7 million.

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