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The successful historic shift of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The successful historic shift of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman : Morad EL HATTAB

By : Khaled Saad Zaghloul

The choices of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are the best that Arabia could have made today, said Morad EL HATTAB, the French author who has written the higher number of books about the economic crisis since 2008.

He told Leaders MENA that surely is, because Russia and China have been able to create a new context, but it is the farsightedness of Mohammed bin Salman that allows him to honestly play this new historic opportunity.

Leaders MENA spoke with Morad El Hattab to find out his thoughts on the US police, deep state, and Saudi Arabia’s political successes.

Question: Dear Morad EL HATTAB. You are the French author who has written the higher number of books about the economic crisis since 2008. You are also known for other works, in particular on Russia and Libya, and for highly noticed articles since 2020. Following the latest world news, we wanted to ask you today for your views on topical developments occuring in the Middle East and for the rest of the world. Thank you for having done us the honor of expressing yourself in our magazine. So what has been for you the most significant event of these last years, for the Middle East?

Answer: Without a doubt, in my opinion, it is the defeat of the “Clash of Civilizations” ideology since the Syrian war. The role of Saudi Arabia and the strategic choices of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman have been crucial in this regard. This is a historic shift that we must understand together.

In 2020, in previous articles, I had indeed insisted on the importance of the geopolitical changes that have taken place since 2012-2015. In my opinion, it was a matter of understanding the two sides of the same idea, which would found a “new religious alliance” between Islam and Christianity. This is a new reality, still largely underestimated, because for decades, we have seen another ideological framework imposed on ourselves from which we now have to get out. Simply because it is now obsolete.

On the one hand, President Putin’s Russia has succeeded in fighting the right enemy : it is not Islam that has been attacked in Syria by Russia, but on the contrary, Russia attacked the terrorism that wanted to hold Islam as an hostage. This is a historical novelty, which became evident from the Russian intervention in Syria (September 2015), and this intervention had another meaning: it corresponded in fact to the defeat of the ideology of the “Clash of civilizations”, as conceptualized by the Israeli-American Bernard Lewis (before being only taken up by Samuel Huntington).

On the other side, I explained in 2020 that this new change must be well understood by Muslims around the world who, in turn, must not commit mistake in fighting the wrong ennemy. Indeed, it was a question of understanding the internal struggles of influences within the West, rather than considering for example that the United States were the enemy, or that Western Christians were necessarily “evil crusaders”. While the delirious American propaganda of the time of September 11, 2001 and the Iraq war (2003) was designed in this direction: it was a deliberate desire to create two radical parties (Muslims and Christians, in particular the evangelical Christians) to shape a massive Civilization War. A kind of unacknowledged Third World War against Islam, which would have destroyed both Islam and Christianity, actually.

Only then could we succeed in defeating the Clash of Civilizations ideology. Let us recall by the way, that an ideology is a construction of artificial ideas, claiming to replace reality, and whose outcome leads those who believe in it to want to self-destruct. And contrary to this ideology, real History, from the Crusades to the present day, is in truth much less Manichean, much more nuanced, with good and bad humans everywhere. This is true in the West, in the Muslim world, in the Orthodox Christian world, in Israel and everywhere else. It is by understanding this reality that the need for an “alliance of good men” naturally emerges in the eyes of the honest observer: an Alliance beyond countries and religions, an above all a spiritual Alliance, which is necessary to counter an ideology that would have led us all to chaos.

Question: but this Alliance that you are talking about here, must also be understood in the West, I suppose. Because as soon as there is a party ready to go to war, it is not enough for the other party to be intelligent, to avoid it, don’t you think so?

Answer: Certainly. This is why I spoke in 2020 about a major change that had gradually taken place in the United States, starting from the Libyan war and the Benghazi affair, between 2012 and 2016. The consequence, was President Trump’s victory in 2016, backed by true American patriots who wanted to end America’s illegitimate wars in the Middle East. Not least, because these wars were fought in the name of a dangerous ideological vision that actually worked against long-term American strategic interests. The assassination of US Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi (September 2012) should be understood in this context. And in reality, there was in some way a covert cooperation between Russia and the United States to curb these wars, especially in Syria.

In this context of 2020 and a probable re-election of President Trump, a lot of hope was therefore possible, to put an end to these cycles of illegitimate wars which had generally three causes: oil, but also the dollar, and religious issues.

I had detailed these ideas in several articles, in 2020. For me, it was about the emergence of a kind of “unforeseen” new world order, different and competing with the George Bush Sr.’s “New World Order”, which the current President Biden had “learned to love”.

Yet, in this unforeseen “new world order”, Saudi Arabia was in the process of regaining a crucial role in the Middle East, thanks to the opportune choices of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

For Saudi Arabia, I cannot stress enough that this turning point was absolutely crucial: it corresponded to the understanding that Saudi Arabia had been pushed into dangerous choices by interests that wanted to destroy the Middle East, and above all, that these interests also wanted to destroy Saudi Arabia in this process. The link between Saudi Arabia and the United States would have destroyed Saudi Arabia, if Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman had not been able to understand it in due time.

Question: But why would the United States want to destroy its staunchest ally in the Middle East in this way?

Answer: But because the United States today are largely hijacked by subversive forces, who want to destroy it, but who first want to use the American armed arm into waging illegitimate wars. The culmination of this will be already the inevitable and definitive discredit of the United States, by dint of claiming to be the so-called “policemen of the world”, when in reality they are only the warmongers and destroyers of the muslim world. It is this apparent reality, in the atmosphere of the “Clash of Civilizations” ideology, that American patriots wanted to counter in 2016.

But sadly, the 2020 US presidential elections showed just how rotten the US state apparatus was, and President Trump’s powerlessness to reform it became blatant. The 2020 US election was blatantly defrauded, and the current President Biden is actually an usurper who was set up to start a new round of terrorist warmongering. I will soon publish a book telling all this, and a documentary has also just been released in the same meaning.

This reality, the utter rottenness of the American political system, is known to insiders and even slightly lucid observers for years. The United States has been heavily hijacked since September 11, 2001, but in reality, much earlier. It was gradually, even before the First World War, that they were hijacked by the same financial internationalism that financed the Bolshevik Revolution and the so-called “Arab Springs”. It is a five-century-old story that has converged on financial internationalism, or today’s “globalism,” as a grouping of private interests that conspire against states. Why ? Because the States protect the peoples and prevent them from being endlessly vampirized by this same financial internationalism. As early as the 19th century, William Cobbett denounced this system as being capable only of producing “starvation amidst abundance”. And then, ultimately, the “war of all against all”…

The concrete outcome of this System has been evident since the 2008 crisis. Western economies have been “zombified”: they are totally dominated by megabanks that only work for themselves, ruining States and peoples. But this result is not accidental: from crisis to crisis, the now decadent Western financial system structurally generates what is in fact an absolutely unsustainable concentration of wealth. So untenable that it can only function in the form of a privatized Sovietism: from Sovietism, we keep control of the masses, and from privatization, we obviously keep the profits. In one word: “globalism”, as an ideology. A globalism that can only impose itself through war, as evidenced by the fate of Libya or Iraq.

Question: And so it is this globalism that is being promoted from Davos?

Answer: Correct. This globalism as a new ideology is promoted by the World Economic Forum of Davos, chaired by Klaus Schwab and assisted by the very subversive, Israeli historian, Yuval Noah Harari. It is the latter who is tormented by the question of what we should do with the supernumerary poor, actually, impoverished by the globalist economic system. He multiplies the declarations going in the direction of an ultimate control of the artificially impoverished proletarians, theorizing the “control of the masses” aspect of this new, globalized Sovietism: to drug and brutalize the impoverished peoples, and to legitimize total biometric surveillance under the pretext of COVID.

“The biggest question..what to do with all these USELESS people. The problem is boredom & what to do with them.. when they are.. WORTHLESS. My best a combination of DRUGS & COMPUTER GAMES”

“Covid is critical because this is what convinces people to accept to legitimize total biometric surveillance. We need to not just monitor people, we need to monitor what’s happening under their skin”

Harari is rejoined, unsurprisingly, by the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla who touts his new technologies before the FEM in Davos: “ingestible pills equipped with a microchip which sends a remote signal to the competent authorities when the drug has been digested. […] Imagine the applications in terms of compliance (obedience). […] It’s fascinating.” It is difficult not to understand that it is an anti-humanism that is unfolding before our eyes.

And if you combine it with the question of biological weapons, behind the presumably artificial birth of COVID, but presented to Western media as a “Chinese virus”, and the fascination of figures like Bill Gates for new epidemics… Then, it is not forbidden to think that these people could do want the massacre of most of humanity, to be able to better control the survivors. The Russians and the Chinese are not fooled…

It is a nightmarish and truly satanic future that these people are preparing for us… And yet, Western leaders drink their words and apply their orders, as if they were puppets. Which in fact is the case: we can see it perfectly with Ursula von der Leyen and Emmanuel Macron, for example. As for the Western media, they are totally subservient to these people through the funding game, and they destroy on command anyone who opposes this “globalist” vision of COVID and the world.

Question: Is there a way not to submit to the law of these people?

Answer: In reality, there are very few of them. They are only powerful through people’s ignorance, through fundraising games, and through the disbelief of many in the face of such deviant ways of thinking.

When Klaus Schwab brags about building the future with his little WEF friends: “The future is not just happening. It is built by us. By a powerful community, as you in the room. We have the means to improve the state of the world.” The rest of his speech actually means “imposing the fate of the world”. This, is partly true, but this is also a grotesque self-persuasion: he no longer has the means to impose much on the world, except if he confuses the world with the heavily misinformed West. In reality, his globalism is under serious attack, and that is what makes him feverish. Globalism is nothing more than a tyranny, which Western financial elites exercise over their populations.

But we must pay tribute to Russia and China, which are creating another competing reality, fronting this old Anglo-American world order, which has become Anglo-American-Israeli, but in reality a “globalist” world order. It is thanks to the emergence of this new reality that Saudi Arabia can now take a position to ensure its survival, and to support a new dynamic that will undoubtedly be much more positive than the old Anglo-American oil and financial order. And yet, Davos touts “liberal democracy” against “evil authoritarian states”. This Manichean presentation hides something else…

When the “billionaire philanthropist” George Soros explains to us from Davos, in his speech of May 24, 2022, that “our civilization may not survive the Russian invasion of Ukraine”, he speaks above all of “his” survival and “his » vision of civilization: that is to say of a world only existing to satisfy his greed. When still from Davos, he suddenly realizes that China and Russia are defeating his techniques of regime change and its marvelous open society, it is a hint of a world that can escape subversive globalism.

In fact, Soros is discovering what the great French specialist in subversion, Roger Mucchielli, had theorized: how subversion radicalizes states, and how states can then destroy subversion if they resist media subversion, that protects the real subversion. In any case, there is a huge struggle for influence going on, in which Davos represents only the most deviant part of a delirious Western elite.

Question: Is that to say that democracy is only a facade argument to hide a system of domination?

Answer: This has been the reality of Western history for five centuries. But let’s be clear about something: it is not a question of ignoring the need for population control. On the contrary, “modern” democracy has historically been based on a lie: the so-called “struggle against tyrants” that legitimized all revolutions. However, the revolutions were in fact transfers of resources for the benefit of interests that have become “globalists”. This was true of 1789, 1917, the Arab Spring or the “Euromaidan” in Ukraine, for example: “changes of regimes”, to capture flows of wealth.

Historically, the so-called “democracy” has been used as an argument to agitate the people against their rulers in place, and then to actually create “democratic” systems that are in fact, very easy to control by money. Also very easy to control, by crafting new ideologies to agitate misinformed people ever more, against any newly so-called “threat”. Today the “Russian” or “Chinese” threat, of course, because this globalist system suddenly feels threatened. And Arabia is also targeted by that globalism: when some liberal sources criticize China for not promoting democracy, for “guaranteeing dictators their longevity”, it is rather that the so-called struggle for “democracy”, hides interests that want to monopolize the sources of wealth without any competition. They want poor, therefore corruptible leaders.

So, after decades or even centuries of manipulation, it is very easy today, especially with new technologies, to lead people ever more astray. The globalist ideology allows the globalists to represent themselves as an “enlightened high elite”, when in reality they create the stupidity of the people in the hope of monopolizing and retaining power and wealth. These are people who have chosen materialism, servants of Mamon. But globalism is nothing more than this.

Opposite, it is not so much “democracy” that we need. We need enlightened and competent elites who are not seduced only by the sirens of democracy or materialism: simply because democracy has never worked, unlike the guild systems that existed before. You cannot force everyone to be a specialist in everything and to have a say on everything. Democracy, in this sense, also is an ideology. It is only demagoguery to make anyone believe that he can decide on anything.

But it is “useful” demagogy if you want to steal the wealth of a people and replace its ruling classes: you say they are “not legitimate”, “not democratic”, that they are “corrupt”. Whereas, who cares about the corruption, trafficking and fabulous salaries of the great leaders of Western banks, of all the ancillary income of the big bosses of the activist funds and vultures of Wall Street or the City, and the way in which they corrupt Western leaders? We had vivid glimpses of this during the COVID crisis, however… The fact is that to have the power to fight against the globalists, you do not have to be poor. This is why they target leaders who still have control over their country’s sources of sovereign wealth: because if they have the means, they can defend themselves and think for themselves, they cannot be bought so easily…

In reality, democracy or the so-called “injunctions to democracy”, is a logic of parasitic predators. Libya remembers it, Iraq remembers it, and Saudi Arabia now suddenly finds itself under fire from “Western” critics for the same reasons. In reality, it undergoes a series of destabilizations…

Question: Destabilizations for what reason?

Answer: Destabilizations which are the consequence of the struggles for influence which continue in the United States. Saudi Arabia had been pushed by the United States in the wrong direction before the Trump era, then suddenly, under Trump, the United States suddenly wanted to curb the illegitimate wars of globalism. But that only lasted four years, and then the usurper (sorry, “President”) Biden unsurprisingly resumed Obama’s policy (of which he was Vice-President).

We had already seen under Trump era, that on the one hand, Saudi Arabia was encouraged again for a better policy in the Middle East. In particular, by the enormous anti-corruption operation of the Ritz-Carlton, which was also an operation of concentration of power: to limit the leakage of money and thus, to strengthen the Saudi state. But also, starting to abandon Wahhabism, which was a huge evolution in itself.

But on the other side, the dirty Deep State networks in the United States had done everything to prevent this new Saudi policy, under Trump. It is in this context that the Jamal Khashoggi case took place (October 2, 2018).  The Western media were quick to attribute this immediately to Arabia, when it was also very likely that Arabia was trapped in this affair, and Turkey’s role was ambiguous, to say the least. It’s hard not to consider a connection with the United States or Israel. Just the background of the name Khashoggi, reminiscent of his uncle Adnan Khashoggi, already made this case suspicious through and through…

What raises questions, is the “ease” of incriminating Saudi Arabia only. The war in Libya, the war in Yemen, the war in Syria were wanted above all from Washington, London and Tel Aviv. And yet, only Arabia would be to blame? Above all, the efforts of rapprochement between Arabia and Iran, to stabilize Iraq and Syria (in particular through General Soleimani), have not been appreciated by the warmongers. This is an important reason why some wanted to put and maintain Arabia under pressure…

The problem of the Deep State, within the United States, has a distorted and politicized vision of American-Israeli interests: a vision above all dangerous for Israel in the long term, but which is propagated by American Jews (often former Russian Jews) who use Israel to increase their power in the United States.

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was largely responsible for some bad choices, and there is the same struggle for influence in Israel, as in the United States: a logic of patriots serving the State and the people, against corrupting and warmongering logics, very often desired by civilians who have never been to war and who do not know the price of blood. There was however an hope for Israel with Benny Gantz, who had serious people behind him, servants of the state, much more lucid than certain ideologues who would like to push Israel to self-destruct. But the new Prime Minister Naftali Bennet continues in certain respects a dangerous warmongering policy, leading him to fight indirectly against Russia. As a result, the instrumentalization of Azerbaijan or Ukraine, to hinder and weaken Russia. In response, the Russians extend the fire against Israel, with their Iranian-Chinese allies…

It is in this context that these people would have wanted to make Arabia play a bad role, and potentially, ultimately sacrifice it. Saudi Arabia’s plans for breaking up had been clearly formulated by the warmongers! But yet, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is succeeding in turning the corner of a new history for Saudi Arabia.

Question: That is to say that Saudi Arabia is escaping those who wanted to manipulate it?

Answer: Exactly. In fact, Saudi Arabia is only learning from the fact that the American state apparatus is totally corrupted. The US-Saudi alliance no longer makes sense when the United States are drifting towards their self-destruction, and would like to take their allies with them.

And this is what Prince Turki al-Faiçal, the former head of Saudi Intelligence (between 1979 and September 1, 2001), recently said: “The Saudis feel betrayed by the United States”. In reality, it is totally legitimate, but you have to have an historical background to understand this old American-Saudi alliance, which is today flouted by Biden.

Indeed, the repeated snubs that the usurper Biden has indeed claimed to inflict on the Saudi kingdom, structurally challenge this alliance. For example, when he declared during his election campaign that he would make Saudi Arabia a pariah; then by stopping joint operations in Yemen, by withdrawing the Kingdom’s anti-aircraft missile batteries in the face of Iranian armaments, and by accumulating the disrespect that is becoming evident. And above all: by refusing to meet the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, by publicly declaring that he would not meet him!

Turki al-Faiçal blasted Biden’s flimsy, unfulfilled assurances, while rightly blaming Biden for an inept energy policy that puts the United States at risk. Turki al-Faiçal also insisted on the fact that Saudi Arabia would not want to be a scapegoat for the instability of oil prices, making the link with the situation in 1973. As in 1973, OPEC refuses the destruction of Europe and is subjected to a globalist policy, of which it will be a victim too.

Question: isn’t this an allusion to a point that you had detailed in a previous article, about the History of oil?

Answer: Interesting indeed, as I recently wrote about the injustice of blaming the 1973 oil shocks exclusively on “the Arabs”…

Again, today, it is indeed abusive that Saudi Arabia is incriminated by the United States for an energy policy decided by the United States, and for the consequences of an illegitimate war in Ukraine, which has been provoked for years by the activism of the United States… Prince Turki said it clearly. It is even more significant that he castigated the recently bluntly confessed approach of Hillary Clinton, Obama’s former US Secretary of State. She was indeed advocating for and claiming a “carrot and stick” approach, aimed at forcing Saudi Arabia to increase its oil production in order to reduce prices…

Prince Turki’s answer is undoubtedly what Arabia had long dreamed of saying to Anglo-Americans : “We are not schoolchildren who are treated with a carrot and a stick. We are a sovereign country and when we are treated fairly and equitably, we respond the same. It is therefore unfortunate that such statements are made by politicians, wherever they are. All I can say is that I hope that the relationship between the Kingdom and the United States will not revolve around this principle or be based on it. »

Question: So this is a serious diplomatic crisis between the United States and Saudi Arabia?

Answer: it is indeed the sudden revelation of a new state of mind in Saudi Arabia, vis-à-vis the United States.

Likewise, when Prince Turki tried to adopt a middle position and a potential role of mediator for Saudi Arabia, between Russia and Ukraine. Above all, he hinted that relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia have been excellent “for some time”… Which is the admission of a historical novelty, since the new defense agreements between Russia and Saudi Arabia, in addition to strengthening its trade ties with China.

It is a new balance of the multipolar world that is thus revealed, rather than a logic of unilateral American domination over its vassals. Above all, an indication of a profound change of state of mind. Saudi Arabia did not hesitate to castigate the hypocrisy of Westerners: On the question of refugees, but above all, on the Israeli-Palestinian question.

Indeed, Prince Turki dared to make unthinkable statements for those who forget history: the question of hypocrisy and the obvious asymmetry of Western sanctions against Russia. “The fact that the UN imposed sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine, but no sanctions were imposed on Israel when it invaded Arab countries a few years ago. It’s the double standards and the injustices that I think have taken place over the years. […] I don’t see what the difference is between the two. Aggression is aggression, whether committed by Russia or by Israel.”

Question: Seeing Saudi Arabia Isn’t it surprising to see Saudi Arabia thus indirectly taking sides against Israel? Isn’t that usually a taboo?

Answer: there is indeed a historical novelty here, or rather, Arabia is actually reviving old and little-known positions, today.

For Prince Turki also boldly refuted the beneficial effects of normalizing relations with Israel – the path taken by several Arab countries, including Egypt, Jordan, the UAE and Bahrain. “I haven’t seen the evidence. The Palestinian people are still under occupation and they are still imprisoned willy-nilly by the Israeli government. Attacks and killings of Palestinians take place almost daily. The plunder of Palestinian land by Israel continues, despite assurances given by Israel to the signatories of the UAE-Israel peace agreement. So there is no sign that appeasing Israel will change its attitude.”

These statements have enormous historical significance. They correspond in fact for Arabia to a return to the positions of Ibn Saud, the founder of the kingdom. Indeed, we know very little today, that during the Quincy Pact (February 14, 1945), the old King had expressed as his first concern the fate of the Palestinians, faced with Jewish immigration which already prefigured the birth of Israel. This Quincy pact is a well-known event, founding the alliance between American power and Saudi oil. But much less known is the fact that during this interview, US President Roosevelt tried to obtain Ibn Saud’s support for this Jewish immigration to Palestine, which Ibn Saud categorically refused :

– “I want you to put an end to Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Roosevelt is taken aback. – What does Palestine have to do with Saudi Arabia?

– Custodian of the Holy places of Mecca, I am the religious leader of all Arabs and their natural defender.

The President changes the subject: – The future of your country is extraordinary. Our technicians will assist you by bringing electrical power to you as they have done under the Tennessee Valley Authority. In a few years you will be living in a new Eden.

The king listened with delight. He concludes : – All this will be wonderful and will surely happen if Jewish immigration ceases in Palestine!

Roosevelt promises nothing. […] Later, he will say to his friend Bernard Baruch: “Of all the men I’ve met, I’ve never seen one I could get less of than this iron-willed Arab monarch!”

For the record, Roosevelt only told Ibn Saud about a “written promise from the French government (de Gaulle) that independence would be granted to Syria and Lebanon“, assuring that he could ask the French government to honor his word, and that he would support the Lebanese and the Syrians “by all means except force“. This is a testimony here to the fact that American hypocrisy was not new, any more than the wars in Syria…

Question: So the United States was already committed to Israel against the Palestinians, but promised to extort from its weakest allies (France in this case) concessions that they were not ready to give?

Answer: It is more serious than that, because in reality. Because the United States used “all means“, including terrorism, to destroy the French colonial Empire: from Morocco to Indochina via Syria… Including, by destroying its many achievements which still honor France today, which brought stability and real hopes of development to North Africa.

But the United States were only imitating the British Empire, who had already trained terrorists after the First World War, to ensure their oil domination of the Middle East against France, in Syria… It is because of this Anglo-American activism, and especially to the corrupting Anglo-American influence from Paris, that France never had a truly stable Arab and oil policy. Also, because France had no reliable and powerful ally at the time, as Russia could be today if President Macron really defended French strategic interests.

This History is therefore not recent, and it is by studying it that we better understand our present: who creates illegitimate wars and terrorist logics? The oil History is rich in lessons about this subject. The former French experts had in fact noticed, there was nothing worse for a country than finding oil on its soil: because immediately, powerful intrigues combined and colluded against this country, including by using the weapon of terrorism…

Question: So it was the Anglo-Americans who instrumentalized terrorism?

Answer: historically, it is perfectly documented. But you have to put some things in context.

First of all, what is also not said about this History is the hijacking of the United States, which was carried out thanks to the Roosevelt presidency, in particular through his adviser Bernard Baruch who is mentioned above. An hijacking of the United States, that operated in an abnormally pro-Israel direction, but which gradually became an endangerment of Israel by the overall greed of the American Jewish community in the United States.

These abuses of a part of the American Jewish community are denounced in particular by great American Jews who are perfectly honorable like Steve Pieczenik or Norman Finkelstein. And it is these same abuses in the influence of a part of the American Jewish community in the United States, which orient the United States toward a logic of war against Russia in Ukraine: because a not insignificant part of these American Jews are former Russian Jews, who have never digested their fanatical hatred against Christian Russia. Solzhenitsyn wrote all about it…

That is to say, faced with these warmongering logics, there is a convergence of interests between the Arab world and Russia.

It is therefore not insignificant to see Saudi Arabia, here, taking a strong stand against the total lack of reaction to Israeli activities in the Middle East in recent years, noting how this excessive benevolence has encouraged Israel to excessive greed. But this greed exposes Israel to a lasting resentment that will threaten its existence sooner or later. This is not wise, and suddenly Saudi Arabia is aligning its positions with what Russia has been doing since 2015, in Syria: it is the fate of the weapons, much more than hypocrisy, that has tempered the “ardor” of Israel and which prevented the entire Middle East from becoming a zone of endless chaos.

Question: So, can it really be said that Saudi Arabia is behaving like a real ally of the United States, saying things that are unpleasant but necessary to be said, for the interests of the United States?

Answer: In a way, yes. It is like a friend who would dare to give you unpleasant advice for your good.

In fact, it is an appeasement of the Middle East that could seem possible, thanks to a Russian-Chinese agreement supporting Arabia. This allows Saudi Arabia to send a clear message to Washington: the decadence of the American political system will no longer be able to contaminate Saudi Arabia, nor set the Middle East on fire and blood.

Prince Turki also pleaded for better relations with Turkey, and was optimistic about the possibility of a lasting peace agreement in Yemen. However, Turkey is Israel’s rear alliance, which was pushed to the worst against Russia, despite the fact that Erdogan was saved by the Russians and the Iranians, in the summer of 2016, from a coup d’état fomented by the CIA. On the contrary, Erdogan is pushed towards choices that are dangerous for him in the long term, much likewise Israel is pushed by the American Jewish community to making dangerous choices…

But what is interesting, are the signals that Prince Turki has been sending for several months, following the illegible positions taken by the United States against Saudi Arabia. And behind Prince Turki, there is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, without a doubt, for whom he is the relay.

Question: that is to say, according to you, that Prince Turki would be in some way the mouthpiece of Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, responsible for sounding out and bringing the United States to reason ?

Answer: It seems obvious to me. Turki al-Faisal knows a lot of things, and he sends a lot of messages. He was right to say that the United States could not stay in Afghanistan anyway, which they evacuated in the summer of 2021. Prince Turki al-Faisal sent other signals in the direction of the United States after this withdrawal from Afghanistan: on Jamal Khashoggi, on the attacks of September 11, 2001, on the role of the United States in the Middle East… Some signals of wisdom that had several meanings, while the United States made its will heard disengagement from the Middle East.

On these subjects, Arabia is increasingly incriminated and harassed, by the United States, for reasons that are not presented with all the necessary honesty… Even during the Trump era! In particular, the regular judicial pressure put on Saudi Arabia (since the Obama era), which is potentially threatened with a freezing of its dollar assets, under the pretext of the involvement of Saudi hijackers during the attacks of September 11, 2001: this is absolutely not the behavior of an ally towards another ally. Rather a logic of mafia collector who would like to extort Saudi Arabia, in defiance of the real responsibilities in these attacks.

So, I don’t know, but maybe, who knows? Maybe that Saudi Arabia is tired of being constantly incriminated for everything and its opposite? While insiders know very well what to think about it… What did American patriots already say about September 11, 2001, about the involvement of a certain part of the American Jewish community, or a part of the Israeli establishment, and what about the astonishing complicity of the American authorities? It seems to me that Dr. Steve Pieczenik, among many others, has already given a much more complete version of the reality, as early as April 2002.

But yet, for several years, only Arabia has been incriminated and pressured against her alone? This is the case about the “28 pages” : the disclosing file targeting Saudi Arabia about the 9/11 terror attacks. But only Saudi Arabia! Insiders know what to think of this delusional hypocrisy…

Therefore when, for instance, Russia is too heavily grappling with the United States and Israel, in Syria or Ukraine, the Russian regularly suggest that they could reveal certain satellite imagery concerning the 9/11… Seen from France, where the Intelligence Community was, at the time, with Russian Intelligence, the most lucid about these 9/11 attacks, we know of course what it is advisable to think about it. But Russia is breaking a taboo here, and the Saudis are also threatening to break it. The United States and Israel know full well what this means…

Question: That is to say, in your opinion, Saudi Arabia is somehow the perfect scapegoat, but Russia is now coming to its aid? Isn’t this contradictory with the battles that Russia has waged in the Middle East and Central Asia in the past?

Answer: Yes, but circumstances have changed. Moreover, it should be clear about what we are talking about: there is terrorism, and there are mercenary fighters of asymmetrical wars. This is of course a sensitive subject, but there are already two different things there.

We must recall History with pragmatism: the US-Saudi alliance during the previous Afghan war is documented (1979-1989). But it could very well be justified in the context of the Cold War, in the face of the USSR, whose system was really a danger to the rest of the world. Except that, to be complete in this reasoning, it would still be necessary to understand that historically, the Soviet system had been put in place from the United States: by the same financial interests which today destroy the United States and the rest of the West, and who would like today to dominate Arabia.

Which means that the reading of the picture is quite different, if we consider that the USSR was “the great threat”, or that it was in fact Anglo-American financial internationalism (in reality the one of the City and Wall Street) who was the real big threat. A great threat that persists, while the Soviet system no longer exists. This is what requires us to understand the reality of the current globalist system, and what will evolve in the years to come.

But in the context of a Russia that has once again become Holy Russia, fighting against the “new Bolsheviks” of our time, that is to say, against the mercenary fighters used to destroy Syria, at the initiative of the United States, of the United Kingdom and Israel, Arabia can fully take note of this new reality. Insiders know what to think about it, but diplomacy is also pragmatism. What is today crucial, is the way in which Russia is saving the Middle East, with the support of China. And it is Saudi Arabia which is once again becoming the pivotal state of the Middle East, thanks to the sagacity of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In fact, even Israel is realizing that the US alliance is collapsing with the coming collapse of the petrodollar.

Question: that is to say that the evolution of the Middle East, will in fact allow Arabia to emancipate itself from American tutelage?

Answer: Specifically, I believe that the formerly reliable US tutelage is being deliberately sabotaged by globalism, so that it can financially dominate Arabia: capture the Arabian wealth, but without offering the US protection.

Except that opposite, a new financial system under Russian-Chinese protection is emerging, as a competitor to the globalist financial system derived from the petrodollar, which I spoke about in my previous article.

It is in this context that the choices of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are the best that Arabia could have made today. It surely is, because Russia and China have been able to create a new context, but it is the farsightedness of Mohammed bin Salman that allows him to honestly play this new historic opportunity. And I think, to send excellent messages through Prince Turki al-Faiçal.

In fact, all this and the revival of a struggle, today far too often forgotten by Westerners, while the Russo-Chinese have been nourished by this Western historical expertise, which is now ironically “forbidden” in the West.

These are five centuries of progressive rise of an internationalist financial imperialism, that is to say, disconnected from the States and vampirizing the States as well as the peoples, that we must understand. This financial internationalism, which has been regularly denounced by powerful minds in the United States, in England, in the West or in the rest of the world. And yet, this financial internationalism imposed itself on the world, thanks to two world wars in the 20th century, the real causes of which were not at all what we are taught today.

Indeed, one of the main causes of the First World War was a duel between two opposing economic models. On the one hand, a predatory and colonialist model, the model wrongly considered as “British”, in truth “globalist”. On the other hand, the so-called “German” economic model, in reality the true European economic model which was also adopted by the United States and Russia at that time. Then, from the First World War was born the Bolshevik Revolution against Russia in 1917, and it was because Russia had become the USSR, spreading unrest throughout Europe, that the Second World War was designed as possible : from a radical split between Bolshevism (then Sovietism) and Nazism.

In the meantime, the United States has been converted to this globalist economic model, and they have become its armed arm after the Second World War. But financial internationalism also subverted them, despite resistances like McCarthyism, or later some Reagan-era awareness. Eurodollars and then the Vietnam War were designed to ruin the United States, by massively transferring wealth to certain private operators and ultimately to megabanks. Just like the recently ended war in Afghanistan. It is only today that American patriots are really beginning to understand what has happened to them, that is to say, as General MacArthur would : “too little, too late”… But maybe, as we say in french : “never too late to do well”?

Question: So, if I understand you correctly, the United States is in danger and rather than sharing its fate, Saudi Arabia is making the best choice for its survival?

Answer: Dual answer. In the context of Wall Street abuses, stolen elections, globalism deliberately wanting to sacrifice the United States and all of the West in the coming years, I would answer : yes.

President Charles de Gaulle had warned about the consequences of this kind of erratic American geopolitics, as early as 1963: “The truth is that Americans will end up being hated by everyone. Even by their most unconditional allies. All the tricks imagined by the Americans are contradicted by events”. But France was castigating here, not the real United States, but in reality, the hijacking of the United States by vampire and globalist finance.

It is in this context that the United States of Joe Biden still claims today to play a role that is no longer positive, in the Middle East but also in Ukraine and in the rest of the world. But in reality, Joe Biden’s United States are losing Saudi Arabia, and that’s a very good thing for Saudi Arabia and for peace in the Middle East. It was in this context that the Biden Administration finally sent its CIA director secretly, to finally meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in mid-April 2022. “Too little, too late”…

There can also be an occult cooperation between Russia and the United States that I have already spoken about, in this “new five-member world order” that I mentioned in 2020. Behind the war in Syria, there was already a cooperation between the American patriots and the Russian patriots (Siloviki). Behind the Ukraine war, I envision as well a new, same-kind cooperation, between Russian patriots and American patriots : for Ukraine has served as a base of major corruption for the American deep state. Therefore, “draining the swamp” in Washington D.C., means closing the Ukrainian dirty floodgate. It’s quite funny, because it’s the opposite of what the anti-Russian “foundations” in Washington say, such as the “Free Russia Foundation”: they explain to anyone who wants to hear, that it’s Russia that contaminates the so virtuous entire western world, with all its nasty “Russian” corruption…

I think, however, that American patriots will be able to restore their Republic. It is quite possible that Donald Trump will return to History, but that will not be enough. The Americans will not be able to do this, without a new kind of awareness. They will have to understand where the subversion in the United States comes from in order to put an end to it. And this could be achieved by listening in particular to Russia, but also France, provided that France would be no longer governed by Emmanuel Macron…

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