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The Jizan Coffee Festival … a global event and a tourist destination

By: Taha Sakr and Ahmed Al-Zayla’i

The coffee festival in Jizan, southwest of Saudi Arabia, through the previous six copies allowed a wider horizon in front of the people of the province and the other in the mountainous sector and investors from inside the region and outside Saudi Arabia.

People at this region started to expand the cultivation of the coffee tree and invest in its high-quality product, the festival new version is renewed and this appeared recently with the start of the seventh edition in the province Aldair Bani Malik.

 Moreover , the ministry aimed at achieving its sustainability in light of the changes and challenges the world is witnessing at all levels, by working to develop the sustainable agricultural rural development program in the Kingdom.

In light of the importance of the “coffee tree”, the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has endeavored to take advantage of it to create an economic environment that contributes to diversifying the sources of income for the residents of mountainous provinces.

The ministry seeks to achieve a balanced economic, social development, raise efficiency and optimum utilization of renewable agricultural and water natural resources, and comparative advantages in different regions according to natural resources and population.

The program adopted by the Ministry targets a number of promising sectors with a comparative advantage for agricultural producers, by launching eight subprograms for each sector, including the development, production, manufacture and marketing of “Arab coffee” to reach raising the production efficiency of the coffee crop to reach seven thousand tons annually by the end of 2025.

Coffee is a unique comparative advantage of the region, as it spreads in all mountainous provinces “Al-Daer, Harub, Al-Ardah, Fifa, Al-Eidabi and Al-Reith”, which exceeds 200,000 fruitful coffee trees,”

Between a person in the Al-Dair governorate in southwestern Saudi Arabia and the coffee tree, an ancient love story narrates its stories of the Al-Dair agricultural terraces, which were made by grandparents decades ago, in order to maintain their survival by developing and developing them, until they became the first number of agriculture in the south.

The farmer in Al-Dair is considered a friend of his environment, as he spends all his time caring for the coffee tree, planting it and watering it, and among the wonderful pictures that embody the image of love that is inherent between that tree and that human being, they are the oldest farmers who race to harvest their finest crops in the world, to become the focus of attention of companies International coffee.

The seventh coffee festival in the Al-Dair Governorate, east of the Jazan region, is an important tourist and economic movement, in exchange for its wide economic and social weight.

It was inaugurated by the Prince of the region, Prince Muhammad bin Nasser, and in the presence of his deputy, Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz, for its tourism importance, and the Dair is one of the most important mountainous provinces that It is famous for cultivating coffee, which contains in its interior more than 140,000 coffee trees, among the finest types of coffee in the world.

The coffee festival is no longer limited to displaying only the coffee product, but has turned into a destination for attracting tourists from inside and outside Saudi Arabia, what distinguishes the mountain sector with Jizan historic castles, archaeological forts and green hills covered in fog.

In the same context, the Saudi Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan had announced the completion of preparing the file of skills and knowledge related to the cultivation of Khawlani coffee in the Jazan region, and presenting it to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for discussion before registering it on the list of intangible cultural heritage.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Minister of Trade and Investment, Majid Al-Qasabi, stated that it was agreed to form a working group to develop and support the production and marketing of ” Jazan Coffee” locally and globally and through e-commerce, and raise the efficiency of local enterprises and farmers so that this industry is up to the aspirations level.

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