THE RIG…. Saudi Arabia’s First Tourism Project in Arabian Gulf

Saudi Arabia’s eastern coast is preparing to launch THE RIG tourism project on Al-Jarid Island. This project, one of the largest in the country, is expected to open in the coming years.

THE RIG, meaning “the platform” in Arabic, aims to attract over 900,000 visitors annually by 2032. Additionally, it spans four platforms over 300,000 square meters and includes 3 hotels with 800 rooms, 11 restaurants, and numerous recreational and sporting activities.

THE RIG المشروع السياحي الأول من نوعه على مستوى العالم


Moreover, this project is the first of its kind in the world to be built from manufactured or rehabilitated offshore oil platforms, which is unusual in tourism projects. The project’s platforms are also manufactured on land and transported to sea. This innovative approach ensures a unique and sustainable construction process. Additionally, it leverages existing infrastructure, reducing the environmental impact. As a result, the project stands out in the realm of eco-friendly tourism developments.

THE RIG المشروع السياحي الأول من نوعه على مستوى العالم

According to studies by the Oil Park Development Company, the target visitors include adventure sports enthusiasts, explorers, and relaxation seekers from around the world, not just Saudi Arabia.

The positive response from the Saudi community and visitors suggests that the project will attract many international visitors. Furthermore, they will come for a unique tourism experience, featuring Saudi generosity and the project’s exceptional diversity.

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