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The popular campaign to boycott Turkish goods continues to succeed

The scope of the popular boycott of Turkish goods, launched by Saudi citizens and businessmen, has expanded over the past weeks, and companies have succeeded in joining it. Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries drop the lira, and the economy of Ankara will be depressed.

 Okaz the Saudi news agency monitored the escalation of Saudi companies from the campaign to boycott Turkish products in rejection of the hostile policies of President Erdogan against their countries and his support for terrorism and his interference in the internal affairs of the countries of the region,

 It announced large, medium and small Saudi companies, retail stores and many more among the cafes boycotting Turkish products.

The positive echoes of the campaign in Saudi Arabia, and the participation of the largest commercial centers and markets, contributed to its rapid transmission to other countries, including the UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and others, in protest against Turkey’s policies and its support for terrorism.

In Tunisia, serious calls emerged from activists to boycott Turkish goods and products, which flooded the markets and caused great damage to local manufacturers.

 Morocco as well raised tariffs a few days ago on Turkish products by 90% for a period of 5 years in order to protect the economy.

Meanwhile, the Armenian government revealed that it is considering imposing a ban on importing Turkish-made goods for a period of six months, noting that the measure comes against the background of Ankara’s public support for Azerbaijan.

The popular campaign led to a collapse in the price of the Turkish lira against the dollar, and a state of near-mass bankruptcy for export-dependent companies.

The campaign extended to include many companies and products, as it is no longer limited to the import, export and tourism sectors.

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