The Dream Project of Green Riyadh is in Progress

The capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, is getting prepared for a green project. The Emara of Riyadh has announced that they have reached promising progress in the planting phase.

The Emara has completed planting 1.6 million trees around the city for five months. The project aims to enhance the natural green spaces in the city; it will subsequently increase the quality of the air in the city.

Besides, the Emara has a well-drafted plan for infrastructure and irrigation. There will be a system to have a specific number of trees in square meters.  

This project resembles the dreams of the people in Riyadh. So, achieving that will be recorded in the history of the city.

The project is equipped with the most excellent facilities and the highest standards to achieve all the stages of green Riyadh.

These efforts came as a part of building a tourist destination to encourage people to go and visit the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It is part of the 2030’s vision to activate the local traveling.

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